REPORT: GOP gov says new laws will likely come after school shooting

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Friday said he expects new laws to be enacted in response the shooting this week that killed 21 people at an elementary school.

“Do we expect any laws to come out of this devastating crime? The answer is yes. Absolutely yes,” Abbott said.

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When asked about calling a special session for the legislature in response to the shooting, he said “all options are on the table.”

Abbott said measures Texas could possibly see will be focused on mental health and school safety.

“You can expect robust discussion and my hope is laws passed that I will sign addressing health care in this state,” Abbott said. “There are an array of health issues that relate to those who commit gun crimes.”

“Anyone who suggests we should focus on background checks instead of mental health, I suggest to you it is mistaken,” Abbott said.

Abbott added that regarding rifles, “ever since Texas has been a state, an 18 year old has had the ability to buy a long gun, a rifle.”

“And since that time, it seems like it’s only been in the past decade or two we’ve had school shootings,” Abbott said. “For a century and a half, 18 year olds could buy rifles and we didn’t have school shootings but we do now. Maybe we’re focusing our attention on the wrong thing.”

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  1. Mr. Abbott the law has to changed and ban teenagers 18 years from buying guns it has to be raised for all customers 21 and they need to have an accurate background check that they qualify to buy a gun period. Right now to buy beer or liquor they have to be 21 years so why 18 for guns

  2. I agree with Yo. Focusing on the mental health issue to control behavior is much more difficult and ineffectual than restricting gun purchases in this age group. To get around the 2nd amendment issue, a law can state that in this age group only a bolt action rife or a break action hand gun can be purchased and their use must be supervised by a responsible adult. However, these mass casualty shootings could still occur with illegal gun use.

  3. When they use a gun in the military it’d under a controlled situation. CATM teaches them to respect the weapon, those around them and how to care for the weapon. Breaking it down and cleaning it. They return the weapon to the armory at the end of the day except when deployed in wartime. They are not discharged from the military with a weapon. My daughter has an AR-15. She was Security Forces in multiplayer deployments during the Iraqi war. She’s comfortable with it and it’s for home protection. I don’t believe an 18 yr old should buy one on their birthday. We need to make more intelligent gun buying laws. I like Canada’s.

  4. Well then think about our hero Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin who purchased an AR but acted so responsibly – he was just 18 and kinda saved the day. So It’s not necessarily about age. There’s other factors at play. The fact that there was a drill at the Robb elementary 2 mos before AND it involved the high school students including the shooter is VERY alarming and ODD! Why on earth would such a drill involve the high school students?? It sounds like a “false flag” situation to me.


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