REPORT: GOP Gov. tells Biden, Democrats to ‘pound sand,’ state not moving 2024 primary

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A defiant New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said he will not allow a change in his state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, telling Democrats and President Joe Biden to “pound sand.”

In forceful comments, Sununu also rejected claims that his state does not have a population that reflects the diversity of the nation, and he mocked Democrats for favoring South Carolina as the first primary state, calling the decision a payoff to friends, presumably Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), who helped Biden take the 2020 state primary.

“Why is he going to South Carolina? Because his buddies are there. It’s literally a very blatant personal political payback to his friends that supported him and turned his nomination around. That’s the worst reason to pick a state to have such political and electoral responsibility,” said Sununu, himself considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

New Hampshire It’s been know that due to state law, New Hampshire is required to hold the first primary in the country, but the Democrats have asked for a date change so South Carolina could go first.

Sununu said at an event on Tuesday night hosted by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics that he is denying the request, stating: “We are not [changing the date]… We’re still having the primary. The state does not do what the Democrat Party says. Our primary will be likely the third week in January.”

When asked to change the date, Sununu sent the following message to the Democrats and Biden:

“Go pound sand. You’re crazy. I dare you. I laid it out to Biden, the horrible mistake he’s made.”

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  1. As a person who lives in SC, we say Brandon can go pound sand too! No one I know wants him here. Clyburn has always been an idiot.

  2. We need to remove and impeach this evil Biden for ruining our country USA and allowing the illegals aliens cartels into our country USA. Us all the money he got from China and how about Hunters laptop and all Democrats are just talking what to do with Trump and we haven’t heard a dam thing about the Biden’s because of Trump it has been a hush hush for the Biden’s. Biden and his team are all going to hell


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