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House Republicans opposing the Democrats’ $1 trillion infrastructure package reacted swiftly late Friday after their colleagues across the aisle – aided by 13 members of the GOP – passed the legislation.

The bipartisan bill’s passage was viewed a win for the Biden administration and ended weeks of deadlock between moderate and progressive Democrats.

The article goes on to state the following:

Some Republicans who voted “no” called the bill “communist” or “socialist” and decried their GOP colleagues who voted with Democrats.

The Republicans who voted in favor of the bill were:

  • Don Bacon – Nebraska
  • Brian Fitzpatrick – Pennsylvania
  • Andrew Garbarino – New York
  • Anthony Gonzalez – Ohio
  • John Katko – New York
  • Adam Kinzinger – Illinois
  • Nicole Malliotakis – New York
  • David McKinley – West Virginia
  • Tom Reed – New York
  • Chris Smith – New Jersey
  • Fred Upton – Michigan
  • Jeff van Drew – New Jersey
  • Don Young – Alaska

Before the bill passed, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., issued a warning to his fellow Republicans, saying on Twitter: “Vote for this infrastructure bill and I will primary the hell out of you.”

After the vote, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert posted a scathing tweet about the bill, calling it  “garbage” and saying it was “time to name names and hold these fake republicans accountable.”

”RINOS just passed this wasteful $1.2 trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill,” Boebert tweeted. “Pelosi did not have the votes in her party to pass this garbage. Time to name names and hold these fake republicans accountable.”

Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene did just that. She posted a tweet after the vote with the names of all 13 Republicans who supported the bill.

“These are the 13 ‘Republicans’ who handed over their voting cards to Nancy Pelosi to pass Joe Biden’s Communist takeover of America via so-called infrastructure,” Greene wrote.

One of the Republicans on Green’s lists, Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois, lashed out at the tweet’s “communism” claim.

”Infrastructure=communism is a new one,” Kinzinger retorted. “Eisenhower’s interstate system should be torn up or else the commies will be able to conveniently drive!”

But Greene wasn’t the only Republican to slam fellow party members. Arizona’s Rep. Andy Biggs, tweeted,  “Republicans who voted for the Democrats’ socialist spending bill are the very reason why Americans don’t trust Congress.”

“I can’t believe Republicans just gave the Democrats their socialism bill,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., wrote.

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  1. I Called everyone of them, starting I was a true American Patriot!
    And told then all they were a disgrace, to America. That they are TRAITORS and I hope they all got replaced!!!

  2. Nancy didn’t have the vote for months, what changed with these republicans to give her the votes. ?? This alone is very strange. What was said or done to change their mind, their vote, after months voting no.

  3. Bought and paid for. Assholes. Nope, can’t trust anyone! Just liars and cheats. More giving the Republicans a bad name, once again. 🤮

  4. Nichole Milotakis , Gabarino and Reed from Ny are Rinos as the rest of the other 10 ! If these dirty back stabbing bastards didn’t vote the democrats way this bill would have never passed ! They are worse than the democrats! The Dems stick together and Republicans don’t! McCarthy needs to go also

  5. Guess those pockets were deep. Can you hear the money jingling in their pockets? Traitors of the American people. As Trump would say: “ Your fired” Definitely will keep that list. Time to get the traitors out. Vote No to the traitors!!!

  6. Judas took a bribe too and look what happened to him! Sad that they chose money over their vow to the Constitution and the American people. I plan to call every one of the Judas’ office and tell them what I think! Please people, research who you vote for, see what they’ve done in the past and who donates big bucks to them! What a bunch of traitors!

  7. There you have it,reps could have been heros and turned on the people instead…. more proof a politician is still a politician and will do what’s best for them . 2 sides of the same coin … welcome to socialism brought to you by both parties….


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