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Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said this week that she believes it would be “appropriate” to block President Trump from holding future office adding she believes he has committed an impeachable offense.

Murkowski hasn’t said if she will vote to convict Trump at the end of a Senate trial after a bipartisan coalition in the House impeached Trump for “willfully inciting violence against the Government of the United States.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“What I will tell you is that what I believe is that this president has committed an impeachable offense through his words on the sixth of January, and leading up to the sixth of January, when he was not honest to the American people about the election and the election results,” Murkowski told KTUU, an Alaska TV station, on Wednesday.

Preventing President Trump from ever holding federal office again would be “one of the most consequential actions that we could take” and would be “appropriate … given what we have seen from his actions and his failure to uphold the Constitution,” Murkowski stated.

On Thursday, she posted a statement to Twitter regarding the House impeaching Trump. “For months, the President has perpetrated false rhetoric that the election was stolen and rigged, even after dozens of courts ruled against these claims,” she wrote.

Murkowski added that when the Article of Impeachment comes to the Senate, “I will listen carefully and consider the arguments of both sides, and will then announce how I will vote.”

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  1. Lisa, lisa, lisa.

    You’re a RINO, and have long shown that you do not understand the importance of party members standing by one another.

    I sure hope the constituents you’re supposed to represent – but don’t – remember your defection and primary you out in the next election cycle.

  2. Excuse me lisa, but the courts never ruled against him. They would not even give it a solid look through and hear their arguments and affidavits.Ohh and i recall he said peacefully protest oohh and wait didnt the FBI say this was a planned attack. You are another RINO that needs to be removed.

  3. How many peaceful rally’s has President Trump had , now this, me a break
    We all know this was a set up
    Please Mr President keep Biden and his cronies out of office
    I still say this Virus was planted by the democrats, Bill Gates and John Hopkins to mention a few

  4. How really nasty coming from a RINO like Murkowski. I’m sure many feel the same about you as you’re one very divisive person to be on a team maybe you will get lucky and be thrown out of politics for not being a loyal team player. Here’s to you Murkowski “you’re fired” !!

  5. Murkowski is a socialist masquerading as a Republican senator. Truth be known we have three political parties in this country the Republicans, the Democrats and the third and biggest party the socialists made up of individuals that are true socialists but run as Republicans or Democrats so that they will be accepted as legitimate candidates by the American people . If the American people don’t wake up to this fact than this country is due to fail, and lose all their freedoms and rights that they have fought so hard for over the years.

  6. All this rats are fleeing a sinking ship only tbe captain is staying ! These people are traitors of the American people by not holding up for the Constitution.

  7. This woman has been a thorn in our side for years.
    She’s not a Republican, never has been despite the “R” by her name.
    D. Feinstein had her against the wall chewing her out in one picture. She’s a dyed in the wool Democrat.

  8. Another one for the treason list. Just wait, Trump is waiting and watching, keep hanging yourselves as well as the lefties!
    Then he will pull out his royal flush.
    Just wait!🇺🇸

  9. Look at her! That woman always has looked a bit deranged to me – like AOC and her wild, crazy eyes!
    Well, looks often do not deceive!
    Hopefully her days are numbered.
    She is not working for her people – she goes the way the wind blows the strongest! She acts in fear –

  10. Miss GOP you don’t get to decide that.. we the people all 75 million and counting get to decide that President Trump will be the president for 4 more years!!!
    We have had it with the likes of you RINOS traitors to the Americans and the president! Go pound sand!! Go hang out to dry with the Nazi Democrat Party! That’s where you belong!

  11. No he did not you stupid woman. And how about the Blm guy who was arrested inside. If you think he was there to “record for posterity “ you are stupider than you seem. It was planned & funny how the FBI didn’t release that info until President Trump was impeached. Democrats are terrified of what he can turn loose. Even on of the colored house members mentioned he could declassify. And Trump has had the codes for 4 years and to think now Pelosi believes he would use them. ITT was planned just like the pandemic or why would Fauci know with certainty in 2017 that Trump would face one. They did want President Trump to never be able to run again but they forget he’s got kids. I hope President Trump declassifies every thing he can he just should have done it earlier. People aren’t going to forget rinos & unless they change parties they won’t be re-elected again.

  12. If they’re not voting until he has left office it is a moot point. The senators may only vote to impeach and remove a sitting President. Read the Constitution

  13. Please change your political agenda to democrat That’s what you REALLY are so quit being a wolf in sheep’s least be honest in that regard!!


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