REPORT: EU Approves Two Insect Species as Human Food

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The European Union has given the green light for two more species of insect to be used as food for humans.

As of Tuesday, a powdered form of Acheta domesticus — better known as the house cricket — will be given the green light for human consumption within the European Union, documents from the body have confirmed.

This is soon to be followed by further approval for the sale and consumption of the larval form of Alphitobius diaperionus — also known as the lesser mealworm — which will be given the green light for human consumption in frozen, paste, dried and powder forms within the European Union later this week.

The European Union confirmed the approval of the insects for food in a press release, saying the novel food “does not pose a safety risk to human health.”

“It is up to consumers to decide whether they want to eat insects or not. The use of insects as an alternate source of protein is not new and insects are regularly eaten in many parts of the world,” the EU reasoned.

The European Union also posted a lengthy Twitter thread last week, announcing the approval of four insects for food:

A thread to 🦗 , for reasons.

Yes: in the 🇪🇺 4 #Insekten are approved as food.
Yes: the products must be marked accordingly.
No: nobody is forced to eat insects.
No: the #EU does not secretly mix insect powder into the cake batter. The Facts 👇

Insects are eaten regularly in many parts of the world as an alternative source of protein. In the EU, manufacturers have to apply for an approval for each #Insekt they want to bring to the market.

So far, the European Commission has granted four approvals for insects as food: the #Mehlwurm , the #Wanderheuschrecke , the so-called #Buffalowurm – and in February 2022 for the house cricket (Acheta domesticus), which is currently causing a lot of excitement. #AchetaDomesticus

The cricket will be available whole, either frozen or dried, and as a powder.

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  1. Insects 🐜 are for birds 🦅 and frogs God made those critters tasty for our consumption, you can keep your bugs 🐛, I’ll have a tasty critter Thank you.


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