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Florida -based grocery store chain Publix has declined to offer COVID-19 vaccines to children under 5, despite federal regulators’ conclusion that the shots are safe and effective.

Publix said it would not offer the shots “at this time” and did not offer an explanation for its decision. It follows state officials’ choice to discourage COVID-19 shots for young children.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We suggest that customers speak with pediatrician’s offices, community health centers, children’s hospitals, and public health clinics for availability at this time,” a company spokesperson said.

One of the major competitors of Publix, Wal-Mart, has said they will still offer the vaccine.

Walmart spokesperson Tyler Thomason in an email, “While we expect the majority of these vaccines to be distributed to pediatric providers, we plan to administer authorized vaccines for ages 3-5 as supply and distribution allows.”

Governor Ron DeSantis said last week, “I would say we are affirmatively against the COVID vaccine for young kids. These are the people who have zero risk of getting anything.”

Florida’s Surgeon General,  Joseph A. Ladapo, tweeted Saturday, “Did the COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids <5 show a reduction in severe illness? Did the trials show a benefit for those with a prior COVID-19 infection? Is there a benefit for kids with no pre-existing conditions? Florida puts data over ideology. That’s not going to change.”

Press secretary for Gov. DeSantis, Christina Pushaw responded, “Good decision. Following the data. Publix won’t give COVID vaccine to children under 5.”

Outkick’s Clay Travis tweeted, “Publix isn’t giving the covid shot to kids under five. Related: no one with healthy kids under five should be getting them the covid shot.”

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  1. I’m 72, on oxygen for last 4 years. Two years ago my lung Dr told me if I caught a cold it would be my last. This past January I know I had pneumonia and I took two rounds of antibiotics and prednisone and finally after 36 days I was back to myself. Had Dr appt May 24th and Dr told me to get the Covid shot….so I broke down and got my first shot May 26th. Three days later my breathing was the worst it has ever been. Took another round of antibiotics and prednisone and no help. I can’t even go from bedroom to kitchen without sitting down to catch my breath. Wish I would of never got the first jab and will not get anymore. Don’t put the government’s poison into your bodies to make pharmaceutical companies rich along with the government.

    • I am very sorry to read your sad story Linda. I have read reports, one by a doctor who had an elderly patient who got the covid shot, and where he used to walk a couple of miles at a stretch, after the shot he didn’t have the wind to walk anyplace at all. Reports are that this ‘vaccine’ causes countless tiny clots that close off blood to tiny branches in the lungs, which no longer function to oxygenate your blood. Any doctor who says a person should get this is a quack at best and I hope anyone in that spot would change doctors.

  2. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a MRNA… they changed the verbiage and did not fall under the category of a vaccine… did you all forget?? Remember when they changed the MEANING OF VACCINE?? It fits the agenda and it doesn’t work anyways, it causes severe damage and you can’t hold anybody responsible but yourself for being a stupid sheep… FJB and the sham happening right in front of your eyes… wake the fuck up

    • So many people willing to do as they’re told and abandon responsibility for their own life to someone else. They will believe without quetioning because it’s easier than asking questions and having to decide what to do. Whatever the motive is, behind pumping this garbage into anyone who’ll sit still for it, I do not trust them.
      And the idea that a six month old baby needs this stuff? While mothers are looking for foods that don’t have some tiny preservative in them, but they’ll let their kid’s DNA end up wacked? I don’t get it.

  3. Any time I see a photo of someone injecting that garbage into a child I want to SCREAM. At the parents who think it’s worth doing and at the person giving the shot who may actually be causing the early death of that child. People are so afraid of covid that even though it’s about gone, they will get a dangerous ‘vaccine’ for it anyhow. SMH

  4. At this point I refuse to get ANY vaccine – and I’ve never been an anti-vaxer – because next think you know they’ll find a way to ‘accidentally’ give the covid vax or announce that some vials of flu vaccine were mixed with or filled with the mRNA stuff. I’ll take my chances on the flu; I already had covid and survived easily.

  5. If you tried to post that story on FB or Twitter they’d shut you down because what happened to you is ‘misinformation’. The covid ‘vaccine’ is the #1 cause of coincidences.


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