REPORT: Groundbreaking new AI can detect cancer earlier

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Doctors and scientists in the UK have reached a major breakthrough in fast-tracking cancer detection — all with the help of AI.

The new artificially intelligent algorithm — in development since 2020 — has the means to determine whether or not abnormal growths found on CT scans are cancerous, the Guardian reported.

“In the future, we hope it will improve early detection and potentially make cancer treatment more successful by highlighting high-risk patients and fast-tracking them to earlier intervention,” said researcher Dr. Benjamin Hunter, a clinical oncology registrar at the Royal Marsden National Health Service.

In particular, lungs of 500 patients were analyzed in a published study on the technology.

“According to these initial results, our model appears to identify cancerous large lung nodules accurately,” said Hunter.

“Next, we plan to test the technology on patients with large lung nodules in clinic to see if it can accurately predict their risk of lung cancer.”

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