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Several Republican lawmakers have said they will not attend President Biden’s Tuesday State of the Union address because of the mandated coronavirus testing before the speech.

“I’m healthy, so I won’t be taking a test for COVID… so I won’t be attending the #SOTU,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R) said in a tweet Tuesday.

The article goes on to state the following:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) had announced on Monday that he would not attend Biden’s speech because he did not have the time to get tested for the virus.

“Same. I will not attend,” Rep. Chip Roy also tweeted Tuesday.

Rep. Mary Miller tweeted her plans to boycott the address “on behalf of the American people who were fired because Joe Biden’s White House strong-armed private employers to institute illegal vaccine.”

Miller added, “Americans are outraged that Democrats were polling whether or not to lift COVID restrictions and decided to lift the mask mandate right before the State of the Union for Joe Biden’s “political optics.”

GOP reps Bob Good (Va.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.) and Andrew Clyde (Ga.), all told The Daily Caller that they would not attend the speech.

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  1. I’d like to see all Republicans skip the SOTU speech. But you got RINOs that will sit there and listen to his lies and BS and ageee or clap. That’s why I’m not watching a second of it, I know it will be a bunch of lies and foolish nonsense!

  2. Good .. hope none of em go. I won’t be watching .. 🤢🤢🤢. The thought of listening/watching that imbecile old man speak turns my stomach.

    • I said earlier I’d pay to see that. I’m sure republicans would get charged with something but wouldn’t it be awesome

  3. As a American I won’t be attending this SOTU due to high gas prices, inflation, and Covid testing. I’ve never been to one anyways 🙄

  4. Why watch a tyrant stand up there and lie!!He is just gonna talk about climate control and mumble crap that you can’t understand while all of his tyrants smile and clap.

  5. Biden reading a speech written by someone else and stumbling his way thru it. He’ll just re-hash all the fairy tales he’s shared in the past. Somebody needs to be there to rip up a few pieces of paper when he’s done.

  6. My husband and I also will not be watching. Biden and the whole Demoncrats are evil. We choose not to listen or watch anything that is evil. Nothing but lies fall from Mr. Maggo’s mouth. Got go vote now for the Republicans primary. Go Red wave!!!

  7. Democrats better not say a word. Remember how they treated Trump? Pelosi’s tantrum ripping up copy of his speech, democrat ladies wearing white, and not giving any recognition to the American citizens Trump invited to be his guests!!!! Not acknowledging Melania Trump, our First Lady!!

  8. I would like every Republican to boycott the SOTU in person and not watch on television. It’s is all lies and propaganda.

  9. The State of our Union is HORRIBLE….the state of many nations are horrible. We are trying to live our lives the best way we know. Some ppl cannot work because of the mandates. Our freedoms have been smothered!! We the people are fighting back and hopefully this administration gets outsted and our lives turn around. God help us!

  10. NO NOT WATCHING!!! All Republicans should not go! Look what the Democrats did when Trump gave his speeches. Look at the production PELOSI put on!!!

  11. Look people. We gotta watch it. Maybe he will spill the beans on all the lies on Accident?? Wouldn’t that be worth watching??!


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