REPORT: Guards with assault rifles hired to protect Philly cheesesteak joint

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This should squash any beefs. A Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant has reopened for business — now with assault rifle-carrying guards because of violent crime plaguing the City of Brotherly Love.

A video from the reopening of Jim’s West Steaks & Hoagies in West Philadelphia on Sunday shows customers lining up to order sandwiches under the watchful eye of heavily armed security guards.

“The violence has spiked,” co-owner Cortez Johnson told WPVI of the city that has seen a surge in murders, many in an area close to the newly reopened food spot. “You want people to feel safe and be safe. So when they come out and eat, they don’t have to worry about no type of harm.”

According to the WPVI report, the armed guards will stand watch outside the eatery during business hours from Thursday to Sunday each week.

Saul Landers, the chief financial officer of Jim’s West, told the outlet the following: “Our lines are down the block, so while you’re standing here in line, connecting with other people you may not know, we have security right here just to keep you guys safe.”

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