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Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) is calling on the Department of Education to bolster student privacy protections after hackers released thousands of children’s personal information online.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Blackburn implored Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to address a recent wave of cyberattacks that put children as young as five at risk of identity theft. Hackers have breached more than 1,200 schools in 2021, publishing the data they obtained on “dark web” sites that cannot be accessed from a search in a browser and are often used by criminals. Blackburn called the hacks “extremely distressing.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Hackers used personal information from a school breach in Toledo, Ohio, to take out credit cards with children’s identities. Experts warn such hacks could ruin kids’ credit scores years before they are old enough to realize. Hackers also accessed personal information, like whether students were homeless, qualified for at-school lunch, or were dyslexic.

Some experts have warned that remote learning is creating a new risk with regards to children’s personal date.

NBC News has reported that multiple groups of hackers have published students’ Social Security numbers, birthdays, and report cards, and targeted schools were not even aware of the breach in many instances.

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  1. The Web is a useful tool in pretty much every aspect of life, but it is a huge detriment by increasing crimes 10 folds. Internet has opened the floodgates for ID theft, crimes against Children, human trafficking; crimes in every aspect. I wish so many times we could go back to life before the internet. But that will never happen.

  2. They also use the info and use your kids as dependents on income taxes. You find out when you try and claim your own kid and it says they were already claimed. That happened with my grandson.. He is on a watch now for his social security number.

  3. Sorry but even the most basic background checks could stop financial institutions being scammed but they are too cheap and too lazy to do them. Stop blaming individuals for finance companies lack of due diligence. It is not identity theft it is financial fraud. It should not be down to thecindividual to clear their name it should be down to the banks to make you prove who you are before giving you credit..


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