REPORT: Half of students are using ChatGPT to cheat, and it could rise much higher

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Half of college students are likely already using ChatGPT to cheat, experts have estimated.

They warn the revolutionary AI has created a cheating epidemic that poses a huge threat to the integrity of academia.

Rehan Haque, of artificial intelligence company, said: ‘We’re already at the point where AI can write entire projects, and then a different AI tool can reword it to make AI undetectable.

Haque added, “At present, well over half of students are likely using AI tools to cheat the education system in exams or essays, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that number were already higher. If educators make the mistake of ignoring the threat of AI-based cheating, I can honestly see more than 90 percent of students cheating in this way [in future].”

Haque’s warning bears some merit, as the survey indicates 9 in 10 students admit trying the AI tools.

From the BestColleges survey:

In a new BestColleges survey of 1,000 current undergraduate and graduate students, just over half of students (51%) agree that using AI tools to complete assignments and exams counts as cheating or plagiarism. Two in ten (20%) disagree, and the rest are neutral.

It’s far more popular for students to use AI tools just for kicks. Nine in ten students who have tried AI tools say they’ve used them for personal projects, out of curiosity, or for fun.

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