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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by DailyMail:

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff moved in to their official residence on Tuesday night, just days after it emerged she was unhappy about living out of suitcases while it was being renovated.

The Naval Observatory – the VP’s official residence – has been out of action for more than two months while it undergoes much-needed updates.

The article goes on to state the following:

The pair had been living at Blair House, across the road from the White House, since January – an arrangement that was reportedly beginning to wear on Harris.

Opal Vadhan, a personal aide to Harris, touted the “historic moment” on Twitter, writing, “What a historic moment. The first time in our nation’s history, a daughter of immigrants, Kamala Devi Harris takes Marine 2 for the first time to her new home, the Vice President’s Residence.”

CBS reporter Tim Perry tweeted, “A WH Official confirms that @VP
Harris and @SecondGentleman Emhoff will move into the Naval Observatory today following maintenance that delayed their move.”

In another tweet, Vadhan wrote, “[email protected] waving to a little boy in the window while leaving Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago with a slice of German Chocolate cake in the other hand. I can’t help but think what it means to him that the Vice President of the United States walks on the same street as he does.”

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  1. Kamala is not my VP, she does not deserve to be living in the VP house 😡😡😡😡😡 should have sent her back to Cali ….

  2. Big whoop. I don’t care where the cackling witch of the west lives. And I care even less what she eats and who knows if the kid was soo excited to see her wave to him

      • She is for open borders so that is why she will not go there!! Way too busy on her move into her Pig Pen and cackling on her remarks on serious questions! She is a Skank!


  4. She and Biden along with many other politicians judges and lawyers committed treason! She belongs in GITMO, she is not my VP!

  5. Must be extremely lazy to live out of suitcases for almost 3 months.If her bags were already packed why couldn’t she make it down to the border

  6. “Daughter of immigrants”? Hahahaha. Aren’t we all sons and daughters of immigrants in this country (with the exception of Native Americans)? This is the biggest scam of a President/Vice President selection in our country.

  7. Fake VP, she is stealing space. She belongs back in CA with the rest of the corrupt, crazy politicians. Better yet, send her to prison for rigging the election , the claim that she doesn’t know is ridiculous.

  8. Unbelievable! She complains that she has to live out of a suitcase does she think us Americans are stupid. Aren’t there closets in the place where she was staying?

    So this is more upsetting to her than the crisis at the border? What are we dealing with. Morons Communists socialists and idiots. Just look at biden’s administration more than half do not have qualifications for the positions that they’re in but they’re a diversity.

  9. Harris is an anchor baby That Doesn’t make her Legal Our laws say she Can’t be VP or President Neither one of her parents is a natural born American. She came out of and illegal womb.
    It appears one having American citizenship means nothing except legal Americans are the only ones who have to obey the laws But only if you are white

  10. What fake stories the press concocts to try and make a frog into a princess… lol she is an embarrassment! Don’t care where she lives or does


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