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President Biden will return from Camp David on Monday in time to host an Independence Day celebration at the White House for the second year running.

Starting at 5 p.m., Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will host a July 4 barbecue for military families, during which the president will deliver remarks to celebrate the occasion, the White House announced Sunday.

The article goes on to state the following:

The president and first lady will then take in the fireworks on the National Mall from the White House.

Biden, who claimed in his Independence Day speech last year that “we can say with confidence: America is coming back together” after COVID lockdowns, has been suffering from historically low approval ratings.

A recent AP-NORC Center Poll conducted June 23 to 27 found his approval rating is at just 39 percent. Last year, a poll taken at a similar time had his approval at 55 percent.

The CIVIQS rolling job approval rating had Biden even lower. In a report that showed the lowest rating of his presidency, the poll found the president had just 31 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval.

Even the establishment media has aired grievances against Biden this week, pointing to failed leadership, among other things, Breitbart reported.

Politico Playbook aired a headline on Saturday claiming Democrats have “growing doubts” about Biden’s potential in 2024.

From Breitbart:

Whether the specific issue is abortion rights, court reform, voting rights, the filibuster, or the DOJ’s investigation into DONALD TRUMP’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, ‘[m]any Democrats share a sense that … Biden and his team have been following, not leading,’” Playbook wrote, quoting an Atlantic article from Thursday.

Polling shows that Biden is losing the support of his party. Only 69 percent of Democrat voters approve of Biden, according to June polling by Civiqs. And 85 percent of Americans believe the country is heading down the wrong track, up 36 percent from January 2021, when Biden took office.

Doubts of Biden’s future political viability have reportedly touched a nerve with the president. The Times reported Biden has been “irritated” with the “lack of respect from their party and the press” while whining about the lack of “signs of loyalty,” which “have been few and far between.”

On Twitter, Americans have been vocal in expressing their problems with Biden and his administration.

Many have pointed out that Biden won’t be crowing about changes to our grocery bills this 4th, as the administration did last year when it touted a $.16 decrease.

“1 year ago, the Biden Administration tweeted how July 4th BBQs would be 16 cents cheaper. This year, BBQs will cost $12 dollars more,” tweeted Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX).

“RT this since Joe Biden won’t!”

“Can’t help but notice that Biden’s White House isn’t bragging about 4th of July cookout costs this year…” chimed conservative host and columnist Tim Young.

Sen.’s Bill Hagerty (R-TN) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) also tweeted about increasing costs.

“Biden has waged war on American energy from the day he came into office, which has driven energy prices through the roof,” Hagerty wrote. “Think about what’s happening this 4th of July—empty tanks & empty wallets, primarily due to the increase in energy costs here in America.”

A look at what your 4th of July cookout is costing you – courtesy of the Biden economic agenda,” wrote Blackburn. She included statistics such as a 36% rise in the cost of 2-pounds of ground beef and a 22% increase for 2.5 qts of lemonade.

Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer seemed to be commenting on the state of the nation when she warned in a tweet, “I better not hear Biden say one word about UNITY and FREEDOM on the 4th of July!”

Additional examples follow.

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  2. Buttogiege has no clue how to fix it and knows so little. I have oversight of government travel for EOD. They can’t always keep anything the airlines gives them. Certain things are gifts to the government and when they book a restricted airfare that flight is non-refundable.

  3. If 39% of people still think this nut job is still doing a good job running this country they all need to find another country to live in. To all the true American citizens of this country God bless you and God bless America! Happy 4th of July!

    • Remember these are the losers that voted for this pedophile . They get rental help .food stamps and free heath care .they dont own a car so they could care less about gas! Just remember this

      Democrats consume
      Democrats use
      Democrats are lazy
      Democrats are great in destroying things

      While the difference with Republicans is they consume ,use but produce and fix things

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