REPORT: High school administrator calls for ‘privileged white voices’ to be dismissed from curriculum plans

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EXCLUSIVE — A California district administrator involved in overseeing curriculum, Samia Shoman, called for “privileged White voices” to be removed from influencing against a far-left ethnic studies curriculum.

Shoman oversees curriculum in the San Mateo Union High School district as manager of English learners and academic support programs. The email was dated March 2021 and was obtained via public record request by Zachor Legal.

Shoman contacted the California state superintendent, Tony Thurmond, in March 2021. Shoman blasted “white voices” and said they should have no part in influencing the curriculum.

Shoman wrote in the email, “We urge the [state board of education] not to give in to the pressures and influences of political lobbyists, racist & privileged white voices, and individuals.”

She added, “The proposed revisions privileges terms like ‘multiple perspectives,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘all students’ and ‘broad range of groups’ undermining the primary focus on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities that compose over 80 percent of California’s student population.”

“Even in the African American lesson on the Black Lives Matter movement, which is a direct response white supremacy fails to call out and analyze racism and systemic oppression,” Shoman added.

The report notes that Shoman is a pro-Palestinian advocate, and writes that she also slammed a proposed revision in the curriculum that would include Jewish-American studies.

“This is grossly inaccurate, and has no institutional history,” Shoman reportedly wrote.

On her Twitter profile, Shoman describes herself as a “Palestinian-American High School Social Studies Teacher and University Lecturer.”

Shoman was also called out in November 2020 by Twitter user @AnarchoZionist), who wrote, “Hate pays. Samia Shoman, the vehemently anti-Israel activist behind some of the most egregiously anti-Semitic material in California’s Model Ethnic studies Curriculum is compensated handsomely by the state.”

According to the information shared, Shoman allegedly receives over $186,000 in salary and benefits annually from the school district.

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  1. I’ll never understand how lunatics like this woman justify their behavior and hate for all things “white”. This country was started by white men. If she and her other despicable crony’s don’t approve then they should go back to whatever hell hole they originated from and stop trying to ruin the best country on the face of the earth. I bet Palestine would welcome her.

  2. FIRE THIS ANTI-AMERICAN who thinks white people including Jews are persona non grata.

    We need to purge our school systems if this ROT WITHIN.

  3. Even looks like a devil. Just another racist po💩. Good ol whitey has helped create this f’n bull💩 by caving to these disgusting racists, ignorant fools

  4. If every white person refuses to pay school taxes, you’ll see how quick they crumble. Then band together and vote the bastards out of office

  5. Keep your woke, activist, personal grievances out of schools. White privilege. That is an ASSUMPTION there, not fact. I’m white and I can tell you I have not had it easy. Actually we’re low income. So stfu about white privilege. You know nothing.

  6. Shoman….the BLM movement is at best a sham and at worst, a criminal enterprise! But hey, I’m a privileged white, what do I know!


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