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Hilaria Baldwin raised eyebrows online with several images she posted on her Instagram story on Wednesday involving her husband Alec Baldwin.

Instagram stories only remain online for 24 hours, allowing users to post content that will shortly expire. Hilaria’s Wednesday Story post included a series of photos of videos that included a sparkly video tour of the shoes in her closet captioned “SHOE PORN, ANYONE?” and multiple photos and videos of her family, including Alec and some of their 6 children.

The article goes on to state the following:

In the middle of Baldwin’s Story, there were two photos of Alec. In both of them, he is standing against a wood-paneled wall, staring glumly at the camera as he holds up a drawing. In the first drawing, a frowning man says “Hello!” and a woman in a bikini replies “May I help you?” In the second, the man is lying down, saying “Oh, God. Please help me. I’m dying,” as the woman replies, “Do I know you?”

On the photos of the two drawings, Hilaria included the captions “ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME” on the first and “NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL…” on the second.

Reporter Emily Miller shared one of the photos on Twitter and asked, “Is Alec Baldwin taunting the sheriff investigating him ? Look what he’s holding…”

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  1. He’s pathetic, he’s guilty. He looks like he hasn’t eaten and he’s aged since the murder because he knows he’s guilty ! Now put him behind bars.

  2. Well this moron and his bimbo are about to be shown the door What is she 5 ? He did rape a 16 year old So ! The Democrats used this pathetic piece of crap to spew his hate-filled rhetoric 24/7 for 4 years.
    Hey Alec they always get rid of those they used when they are through with them Antifa and BLM will find out soon. Ask Cindy Sheehan Who now lives out of sight

  3. This guys cracking up ! He’s a nitwit with a mental problem and he will hurt someone else if he isn’t watched closely in a rubber room .

  4. He looks like SH#+. I wouldn’t have recognized him if I hadn’t seen the title of the story. He’s living the life of a guilty man.

  5. I don’t like him or his politics but I will not call him a ‘murderer’. They were on a movie shooting site and there was NO reason for a live round of ammo to be there, not a single one. Someone deliberately brought it and loaded it in the gun, hoping this might happen. I read that a lot of the film crew including the prop person walked off the job in some sort of dispute…. hello…?

  6. WTF? Just crazy behavior on his part for allowing pictures of him holding those rather juvenile drawings and crazy for his wife “Hilaria” to post them online! Who names their kid “”Hilaria” anyway??? 😂 LOL!


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