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The House of Representatives is planning to announce they will give staffers in Washington, D.C., and in district offices, free Peloton memberships using taxpayer dollars each month amid skyrocketing inflation.

According to a draft email obtained by FOX Business from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the “premier employee benefit,” which will also be made available to all Capitol Police, will provide staffers with both Peloton All-Access and a Peloton App membership at no monthly cost.

The article goes on to state the following:

Beginning May 18, the government contract with fitness giant Peloton, under efforts from the House Center for Well-Being, will be offered to the estimated 10,000 people on staff working for the House of Representatives and about 2,300 Capitol Police officers.

The article details the cost of the initial upfront charge and the additional cost per month. Peloton would require a $10,000 upfront payment then an additional monthly fee of $10 per person. The monthly fee could be as much as $120,000 if every staffer uses the service.

CAO told the staffers in an email that they and officers would “have access to thousands of live and on-demand classes, across multiple disciplines, that are available for streaming across multiple devices and require no purchase of Peloton equipment.”

In a statement to FOX Business, Peloton said it “can confirm that the US House of Representatives is extending Peloton Corporate Wellness to all House staff and Capitol police.”

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  1. Peloton is near bankruptcy! Someone on capital hill has stock and is trying to raise the stock price and get their money back!!

  2. Ummm.

    No, this is not how OUR tax dollars should be spent.

    Scrap this unreasonable perk.

    Reduce tax rates charged to the Citizen Taxpayers immediately, rather than spending OUR tax dollars on frivolous perks for the public servants … that most taxpayers cannot afford.

  3. Everyone should file exempt immediately. Quit funding the assholes in government. We get no perks, but we pay for theirs!

  4. Personal trainers will b next!! WTH
    We all have to organize and do something about this crap!!!
    More than 50 BILLION to Ukraine??? Come on people!!! A huge nationwide protest to the stinkin capital?? Something!!!!

  5. $120,000 a month for exercise equipment?!? That’s more than most taxpayers make in a year! A lot of us are having to choose between gas for work and food for their families! It’s so ridiculous! There won’t be a USA left by 2024. They’re keeping their promise to destroy us from within!

  6. Sorry but as a taxpayer I say no to any perks! Start contacting your House of Representatives and let them know …. No

  7. So if your a civil servant, you get higher wages than private sector plus 4 to 8% annual pay raises, plus more vacation time, free health care, massive pension and now a Peleton. I guess there are truly two classes in America and we the private sector get to pay the most with no benefit


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