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The National Football League’s “Inspire Change” partners, which receive financial backing from the multibillion-dollar league, include multiple groups that have openly advocated for defunding the police, a Fox News Digital review of the program found.

Groups who have received funds as part of “Inspire Change,” the NFL’s social justice initiative, include the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center and the Community Justice Exchange. All three of those groups support defunding or abolishing the police, a review of their public statements shows.

The article goes on to state the following:

While the NFL’s general support of social justice causes is widely known, the fact that the league is propping up groups trying to defund police departments has not been previously reported.

The report explains that the NFL has donated tens of millions of dollars as part of the “Inspire Change” program.

The NFL also reportedly gave $300,000 to the Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC). In June 2020, that organization tweeted, “The brutality of LE [law enforcement] & cruelty of our prisons are connected by the same malignant tumor: white supremacy. We must dismantle/defund it all. We didn’t believe POC re LE brutality; we are making the same mistake by not listening to those incarcerated re their treatment.”

Inspire Change, the NFL and other affiliated organizations are repeatedly tweeting about “unfair” prison sentences, slams against the police, and racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

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  1. If you buy tickets, merchandise or watch football on Tv, you need to realize you are damning yourself!
    You are funding the hatred of LEO and white people!
    Why would you contribute to the demise of your own kind and the very people you call to help you?

    • I don’t support given money to the organizations that are teaching our children hatred and critical race theory nor defunding the police however from reading your response I see hatred in your radical racist comment. Why are you here.

    • A nation is only as good as its people ! When people are indoctrinated 24/7 with nothing but hate This is the outcome.
      Ask why America fell so quickly.? Satan and his children ! And America has only half of its people willing to stand for the freedoms that our ancestors died for. America was made by its people not politicians or government. For the same reason Hollywood attacks those whose money Made them wealthy !
      Only to turn on the very people they look to for their livelihood.
      Insanity rules America
      Why do white people push for the destruction and death of their own
      Knowing the only privilege white people had and have is to work so they can take from them to give to everyone else

  2. I guess they do want the police gone and ice.
    Look it up folks It’s a matter of public record.
    At least 80% of all NFL players Have in young cases or are felons and they are constantly into drugs and even drive by shootings.
    This is Tim the NBA as well
    If their players were ever given the right judgement for their crimes. They would be looking into other places for players. Why do you think they stand with BLM and Antifa ?
    Note : this is color crimes.

  3. Then they shouldn’t be allowed police protection. They need to pay for security on their own since they like endangering the public and personal businesses. They’re being a bunch of scared kiss butts.

  4. Well, they have a vested interest in keeping their criminal players out of jail. Of course they wanna refund the police. Bunch of rich, morally bankrupt losers in the NFL

  5. I dropped the NFL permanently. But financially supporting these Leftist programs might make business sense in view of what has become a revolving door between the NFL and the prisons. “Sure he’s a convicted felon, but he can run the 100-meter hurdle in under 13 seconds!”


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