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KYIV, Ukraine — Dmitriy Skornyakov is the CEO of Harvest Holdings, one of the largest agriculture firms in Ukraine. Or at least he was, before Russia invaded the country often called “Europe’s breadbasket.”

Harvest Holdings possessed almost 500,000 acres of Ukrainian farmland in 2014. They had some smaller fields near Kyiv and owned huge swaths of land around Mariupol and in the eastern Donbas region that is now the focus of the war. The majority of that land is now inaccessible: About 20,000 acres close to the capital are covered in Russian landmines, and nearly 350,000 acres in the country’s east are occupied by the Kremlin’s forces.

The article goes on to state the following:

Farmers across this country are unable to sow their land, missing a critical planting window while also struggling to ship harvested crops out due to a Russian blockade of Ukraine’s critical Black Sea ports. Meanwhile, a gas crisis and ongoing tank and artillery battles makes it a challenge to simply maintain the little land they have left.

There is an estimated 22 million metric tons of grain left in storehouses in Ukraine as farmers struggle to ship their product and attempt to plant new crops. Officials from countries like Europe and Africa fear that Russia might be “weaponizing food to help fuel a worldwide hunger crisis,” NBC reports.

Meanwhile, with the lack of Ukrainian grain in the market pushes food prices are higher, pressing countries already facing shortages, like Afghanistan, Haiti, Lebanon, and Somalia, toward famine.

The solution may not be easy considering sea and air travel is risky or unavailable, making moving the crops difficult.

“Many farmers and agriculture businesses have pivoted toward shipping grain on trucks or trains, but there are many downsides: The fuel shortage makes trucks a scary proposition, trucks and trains can move only a fraction of the weight that the ships in the Black Sea can, and trucks and trains are currently getting backed up at Ukraine’s borders,” NBC reported.

To make matters worse, Ukraine has historically provided a fifth of the world’s nutrient supply for fertilizer.

The pain of the war on the food crisis could last for years around the globe, the outlet noted.

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  1. Remove the subsidies and get US farmers to grow crops after 30 years of paying them not too. Our government is collasally ignorant.

  2. Tell sleepy Joe to cancel all food export contracts. Grow and keep all the food here. But history will teach us that scum like Joe Biden will send out all the food to 3rd world enemies and let us starve.


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