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A New Jersey high school is investigating claims a sophomore on the football team was pinned to the floor of the locker room and hazed with a broomstick as he screamed for help.

The allegations that the sophomore, as well as other younger players, had been abused have resulted in Wall Township High School canceling this Friday’s playoff game, reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

About six older players on the Crimson Knights team are being investigated after videos of the alleged hazing surfaced.

According to the report, a group of junior players were attacking sophmores. The news outlet explained:

Although the clip observed by the parents does not explicitly show sodomy, the parents said they believe that was the attempt being made by the older players. In the video, the younger player is fighting back as older players converge on him, the parents said.

The parents say although they only saw one video clip, the hazing attacks have occurred more than once this season.

The identities of the students involved were not revealed in the report.

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  1. Why is this still going on in high schools and universities? What’s wrong with the kids that think this is cool? They should be thrown in jail and never allowed to play on any sports team again!

  2. What the hell is wrong with kids these days? You guys are all on the same team. Why would you go to such length to have a team player hate your guts?

  3. Everyone of them needs to be charged and go to jail. The coaches need to be charged and jailed as well because there’s no way they didn’t know what was going on especially if it’s happened more than once!


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