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Forty percent of Marines are declining the coronavirus vaccine, according to data obtained by CNN.

There has been a 38.9 percent decline rate, but the Marines are providing information to individuals to encourage them to get the vaccine.

The article goes on to state the following:

The data showed that 75,500 Marines have received the vaccine and 48,000 have declined it. Overall, the acceptance rate is 61.1 percent.

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  1. I also expect there will be many military guys who will come out of service. With the military turning on the people and becoming a tea and crumpet , gender changing wussie bunch
    What do you expect ?

  2. Talked to a lady at the store the other day and her husband has been in the military for 35 years. He along with 17 other servicemen in his unit all retired and or retiring before May 15th. Something is Fixin to go down! One of the reasons is this right here. Trying to take away rights and make 💩 mandatory!

  3. They know it’s not a true vaccine, they know a lot more than what we do and aren’t allowed to talk. Many of them worked to save the tunnel children, they’re probably have ing nightmares just over that

  4. It’s experimental and is not a vaccine. Listen to all the doctors who say this. Hint: they are not the paid actors you see on MSM, [they] are a part of the Cabal.

  5. Anyone with a brain would have reservations. Not a vaccine and very questionable. Only lemmings rushed up to get it. Sad. What happened to rough individualisim? Brainwashed?

  6. I’m glad there not made to get it. It’s dangerous and I don’t trust Bill Gates or Fauci. However you spell his last name. I always thought that when you were in the military you had to get all there shots. Glad to know I was wrong.

  7. Maybe they saw what happened to many of us that recieved the Anthrax injection which I had no choice, but to take or I’d get the boot even though I was close to retirement. Several studies were done years later and they found people developed arthritis. It was only a few years after I received that series of injections that I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and OA.

  8. they are smart they knew this is Covid well done drama of facking democrat to steal the presidential election and hypocrites FAUCI awarded one millions how shjjt this administration similar with Obama administration sickening

  9. Has anyone bothered to explain why they would force or encourage individuals that represent one
    of the healthiest groups in
    our country and least likely to be hospitalized or die because of COVID to take that vaccine? What is the the urgency? They simply don’t meet the criteria of those at high risk of dying from COVID.


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