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Federal workers with children enrolled in a school that has not resumed full-time, in-classroom instruction would be eligible for enhanced paid time off under the U.S. House version of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package being pushed through Congress.

The perk, buried on page 305 of the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021,” would set aside $570 million for an “Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund” exclusively for federal employees.

The article goes on to state the following:

Said employees would be eligible to receive the money if caring for school-aged children who are not physically in school full-time because of the coronavirus pandemic.

If the child of a full-time federal employee must stay home because their school has been closed, or their child care provider is unavailable due to “Covid-19 precautions,” the bill provides the federal employee with the following:

  • Up to $35 per hour, and up to $1,400 per week, through Sept. 30
  • This equates to 15 weeks and 600 hours of paid leave
  • Benefit does not apply if federal employees’ children are enrolled in private school
  • The bill does not specify an age cutoff, or whether the benefit applies for college-age students

Rep. Steve Scalise blasted the hidden perk for federal employees, saying in a Twitter post on Thursday afternoon, “SWAMP ALERT. The Dems’ COVID bill pays federal bureaucrats $1,400/week for 15 weeks to stay home and not work if their kid’s school is remote. Schools will never open if Dems do stuff like this.”

“Worse: Everyone else only gets $1,400 once—but bureaucrats get it every week,” he added.

To get more information about this article, please visit FOXBUSINESS.COM.

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  1. Tell ya what, federal employees:
    I’ll teach your kids for $35/HR
    and I’m sure ANY grade school educator would be willing to do the same because we all know they don’t make that kind of $$.
    What about non-federal employees? They get one $1400 check and that’s it?
    Whoever named them BidenBucks got it right.

  2. And who says socialism doesnt pay well… Shit, its coming. 15 days to curve the virus.. Here we are. N u to can be paid to do nothing n stay home….. Wow…

  3. I don’t agree with the inclusion of these monies to be paid to Federal Employees whose children aren’t in school because of covid. I think it’s just plain wrong minded to give out this money as a benefit.

    But, NOT all Federal employees are swamp or muck. There are plenty of jobs that are regular, run-of-the-mill jobs, that happen to be with the Federal government. Yes, there are a lot of good / great paying jobs, too, but not all are. I don’t work for the Feds, but know a number of people who do, and I like and respect them.

  4. she is too old go home and play your favorite toys Maniac you need one more child become 7 children so your number 7 child included… how unfair treatment i wish you are next to me..i wonder why Jan.6 citizens looking at you.i don’t blames them it’s time..americans tired and sick to see your face every day.. i couldn’t imagine only federal government are BS

  5. I am really tired of Congress and Senate taking our money and money laundering it. They all should be charged with with fraudulent bills they’re never honest. I wish they would all every single one of them would go to jail they’ve taken enough money from us.

  6. I work for the government and think this is so wrong. I know people that were sent home last year because anyone considered non-essential all went home. Schools here were only closed for the first month of the school year then opened. Closed again due to spike but opened again last month. Wonder how many will scam for the money. The job I due requires managing money and I’m a bitch when it comes to using our money and everyone I work with knows it. The problem with most government people is they think if it was given to them then it’s theirs and I say no the money came out of my check so it’s technically mine. They want the best of the best when they have to travel and I will cut them off if I see that.

  7. And there is the swamp parasites doing what they do best…power corrupts and has since the dawn of time. Term limits are sorely needed. The Constitution of the these United States of America need to be followed TO THE LETTER! It was written by people with the US of A’s best intentions in heart!

  8. Swamp rats ensuring more votes from a ever expanding federal work force. Enjoy libtard minions you voted and continue to vote for these clowns, all the hate for Trump is getting much clearer as each day passes

  9. What a windfall!! This is SOOOO wrong to give this level of assistance. And with no oversight, it will be free cash to those individuals at OUR expense!!

  10. Just goes to show ,they make like they want to help you, but really you are a cover for bonuses for their life . BUT you pay for it all!!! Anytime you think you are getting something they are getting five times as much or more!!!


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