REPORT: Iconic American soft drink company appears to mock M&M’s with ‘woke’ joke

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Rooty the Great Root Bear, the mascot of A&W Restaurants for 60 years, will hence forth be wearing denim jeans.

In a Twitter post, the company suggested that Rooty’s lack of pants was “polarizing.”

“America, let’s talk. Since 1963, Rooty the Great Root Bear has been our beloved spokesbear. We knew people would notice because he’s literally a 6-foot tall bear wearing an orange sweater,” the company said. “But now we get it – even a mascot’s lack of pants can be polarizing.”

The message from A&W continues:

“Therefore, we have decided that Rooty will wear jeans going forward. Not to worry though: he will remain our official spokesbear. After all, he is un-bear-ably cute and im-paw-ssible to replace. We are confident Rooty will continue to champion good food & good times for many years to come… now in denim.”

However, based on additional comments on Twitter, it appears the snappy announcement was simply a joke, in mockery of M&Ms recent announcement that they will be booting their “spokescandies.”

“Why not cargo shorts? I’m offended,” mocked one Twitter user.

“He’ll switch to shorts in the summer, Justin,” A&W replied.

From the comments, it appears the announcement from A&W is simply a joke.

“Is this parody? Too hard to figure out these days,” one Twitter user asked.

A&W responded with a meme that says, “Yes.”

“I really hope this is ridiculous satire, but sadly it’s impossible to tell anymore,” another person asked.

“(it is) 🤫,” A&W responded.

“See you soon!” A&W replied to another user, then sharing an image of Rooty with no pants.

“Fox News didn’t get the joke lol,” one Twitter user wrote.

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