REPORT: Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years in Prison After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead in Dumpster

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The illegal alien father of two-year-old Frankie Gonzales, who was allegedly murdered by his mother and tossed in a trash dumpster in 2020, has received 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to child abandonment.

Lorenzo Gonzales, a 31-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was first arrested and charged in Waco, Texas, with second-degree felony child endangerment in June 2020 after police said he left his son, Frankie, in the care of the child’s mother who was barred from being left alone with her children.

Before Frankie’s alleged murder, Gonzales had been ordered by Child Protective Services (CPS) not to leave his three children alone with their mother, 35-year-old Laura Jane Villalon, who had a history of drug use.

The report explains that Gonzales disregarded the CPS order and dropped all three of his children off for an unsupervised visit with Villalon on May 28, 2020.

That same day, the mother reportedly killed the little two-year-old boy, then wrapped his body in garbage bags two days later and threw him in the dumpster.  She then reported him missing to police, who went on a major hunt for the child until she finally confessed that he was dead in the dumpster.

The mother is still in jail, and Gonzales was sentenced to 10 years in prison, then will be turned over to ICE for deportation.

WATCH the 2020 news report below for more details:

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  1. Sentenced to ten years in prison, ordered turned over to ice for deportation? Makes no sense. Why go through the cost of a trial if you are going to deport him anyway.

  2. This monster has his child’s murder on his hands , the other 2 could have lost their lives too …Hopefully the inmates will take care of these 2

  3. These monsters are not citizens of usa. They shouldn’t be afforded the use of our Justice system. Give them both the shooting squad is what I think about that

  4. And after he serves his 10 year sentence, our government needs to send him back to where he came from and told that if he returns, he will be arrested and deported.

  5. What do you expect from “illegals” who have children to get supported by the government, use them as pawns to get them into the country and get FREE everything! They have no feelings for these children! Disgusting low-life’s who have no value for life! He is so stupid, he was told not to leave the kids with the Mother! Save the innocent children! She better get murder one, have the other children taken away, and have her tubes tied while she spends the rest of her life in prison with no parole! Abusers of children. I hope the get what they deserve by their prison inmates! Our country allows this crap to happen!

  6. Give them the death sentence for killing the child. And if deported they will come back and we don’t want them alive either. Death sentence that’s what they deserve.


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