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James Johnson, president for NCFire (North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement), blasted out an email Monday morning bringing attention to three pending bills in North Carolina that would enact much-needed immigration enforcement in North Carolina.

NCFire keeps an ongoing record of all child rape and sexual assault claims committed by illegal aliens in the state of North Carolina, and publishes a detailed report each month on their website.

For example, in the month of June 2019, 20 illegal aliens were arrested by 56 child rape/sexual assault charges in North Carolina alone.

Below is Johnson’s email:

Dear NC citizens:

I want to bring to your attention, 3 bills that are currently just sitting on the desks of committee chairmen in the NCGA.

They have passed both chambers and all they need is a simple “concurrence” vote. (That means they agree to the minor changes made to the bill by the other chamber). It is merely a procedural vote that takes about 2 minutes and yet it has still NOT HAPPENED.

Once done, these bills would go to the Governor for his signature or veto.

This is the closest we have come to REAL immigration enforcement in NC and it would be a tremendous waste if these bills fail to pass.

Below are the bills with links to their language AND links to the members of the committees where these bills are stalled. Please contact them and tell them, you want to hold the Governor’s feet to the fire by passing these bills!

1) HB135- Enjoin Sanctuary Ordinances- Would give “teeth” to No Sanctuary City law enacted previously
It currently sits in the Rules and Operations of the Senate

2) SB250- Records of Excusals for Jury Duty- Would require the courts to provide a list of everyone who is excused from jury duty because of being a non-citizen, to the State Board of Elections, to ensure they are not registered to vote
It currently sits in the Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

3) HB370- Require Cooperation with ICE Detainers- Requires ALL NC law enforcement to cooperate with ICE 
It also currently sits in the Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

House Rules Committee members:
(click on their name for the contact info)

Senate Rules Committee members:
(click on their name for the contact info)

Let’s get these bills passed and MAKE the Governor choose either illegal aliens or NC citizens for the upcoming election.

Thanks for your support!

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Twitter: @NCFIREJame

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