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Presidential polls surveying November’s election were the least accurate in 40 years and state polls were the worst in the past 20, a report released Monday shows.

While the report from the American Association for Public Opinion Research outlines how far off the polls were, it was unable to directly attribute what led to the inaccuracy.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We could rule some things out, but it’s hard to prove beyond a certainty what happened,” said Josh Clinton, a Vanderbilt University professor and chair of the 19-member election task force, Politico reported. “Based on what we know about polling, what we know about politics, we have some good prime suspects as to what may be going on.”

As pollsters have tried to diagnose why they were so far off, the report notes that a “prime suspect” is a lack of response to the polls in general, along with Republicans’ unwillingness to participate in them.

The report estimates that Joe Biden’s support was only overestimated by about a point, but Trump’s was underestimated by over three points.

The possible lack of participation among Trump’s supporters also led to overestimating Democratic support nationwide, the Daily Caller wrote.

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  1. Impossible to pinpoint? Are you serious? I’ll tell you what it was it was the Democrats rigging the election. It’s been noted for the last 8 years that that’s what they were going to do and they upped the ante when they realized Trump was going to be running.

  2. It’s called fraud.

    Intentionally done. Same as with Clinton and Obama so they could cheat.

    Don’t be dumb sheep.

  3. Action on this OBVIOUS voter fraud needs action taken NOW. Before our country gets any worse. WAKE UP NOW!! As we have trespassers in our WH and they need to be promptly escorted out!!

  4. Big tech and the governments endorsement of their censorship tactics have created a breakdown in trust for conservatives. So nobody participates in polls. Good


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