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City officials placed a single metal detector in a Brooklyn school building the day after a student was busted with a loaded gun — and turned up 21 weapons in just one day, law-enforcement sources said.

The Department of Education installed the scanner in the complex housing the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice and two other schools in Downtown Brooklyn Thursday morning after the 17-year-old was nabbed there allegedly with a 9mm pistol and more than $30,000 in cash.

The article goes on to state the following:

The school does not normally have a scanner in place. And Thursday’s surprise installation netted a varied arsenal — nine knives, seven cans of pepper spray, four stun guns and a pair of brass knuckles, sources said.

The report explains that just a day earlier, a 17-year-old student had shown up late for school, logging in at the office around noon. A school staffer notified school safety agents when she noticed what appeared to be a pistol in his backpack.

School officials detained the student until NYPD officers arrived. Inside his backpack they found the gun and over $30,000 in cash.

The report quotes one official as saying many students are now bringing weapons to school simply because they’re scared and want to be able to protect themselves.

“A lot of these kids bring this stuff for self-defense,” the person said. “It’s a shame that it’s come to that. But it’s the truth. Sometimes you see who is carrying in something or gets caught with something and you can’t believe it. They’re scared.”

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  1. Defund the police, remove the police from the schools, and thisbis what you get….but you libtards are too stupid to see this

  2. Yeah…was the 30G for self defense too?

    Let’s see, Brooklyn, NY, one hand gun + $30,000 in cash, in the possession of a 17 yr old. Not suspicious at all lol. I’m sure it was all legitimate.

  3. I’m scared. I wish my kids could take pepper spray or a taser with them for protection. I am praying that Eric Adams is not all talk and no actions.

  4. Well parkland taught us that campus police are NOT required to protect the students, only the criminal kids they may have in custody.


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