REPORT: Inflation Makes Unexpected Shift

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A gauge of consumer prices closely watched by the Federal Reserve showed inflation accelerating in April.

The personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price index rose 0.4 percent in April, up from the 0.1 percent rise a month earlier. Economists had forecast a milder increase to 0.3 percent.

Compared with April of last year, the PCE price index is up 4.4 percent, a faster annual pace of inflation than the 4.2 percent recorded in March.

Interest rates have been hiked by the Federal Reserve ten times in the past year.

Fed officials say they are watching incoming data as they evaluate whether to implement another rate hike at the next meeting in June.

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  1. The majority of women have been coddled since birth by American men since 1776 , a lot of whom died , keep voting since 1963 for policies that ruin our country but enrich women . They have sold their votes and their souls and become democratic whores.

  2. Keep giving the illegals everything free!!! And all the billions piured into Ukraine. We can’t continue like this. Obiden is the ruination of America!!!!!!

  3. Unexpected????
    It’s even more than this. Now high interest rates ! Thanks FJB
    The Fed skips months then raises rates .25%
    Come on folks if you really think they are worried then no time off or raise rates x2 p/month

  4. And the fuckhead joe leaves to go to Delaware for the next week? karen jean-pierre says he can do his job from home. Not when he is sleeping, he can’t. joe had months to work on this and meet with Kevin McCarthy, now the June 1st deadline is almost here, and the dumb ass still hasn’t made any effort to force the “stop spending on shit” rule. joe could care less. He has all the money he needs as well as his dirtbag son and the rest of the biden crime syndicate. FJB FJB FJB FJB


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