REPORT: Intersectional climate scientist goes on rant against ‘White men,’ compares pollution to ‘the fart of a dog’

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An “intersectional climate scientist” compared pollution to the “fart of a dog” when explaining her approach to thinking about climate change.

A TikToker named Dr. Chandler Puritty who claims to be an “intersectional climate scientist” used a metaphor from the book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” which includes a three-headed dog guarding a trap door.

“I am a climate scientist, and I’m here to explain to you why we are definitely going to get this thing under control and why a lot of the narratives that we see predominantly from white men and professionals are so doom and gloom,” the TikToker said.

According to Puritty, “the three-headed dog Fluffy from the Harry Potter series represents capitalism, colonialism and White supremacy,” the Mail reports.

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    • WTF is an “intersectional climate scientist”? Apparently it takes no credentials to be one.

      So I now identify as an intersectional climate scientist.

      My pronouns are, “intersectional climate scientists are full of Shit.”

  1. Another bitter woman nobody wants to bang because of her attitude 🤷‍♂️. Can’t separate reality from fiction. Reality we know her climate stuff is full of crap ,fantasy white men or any man gives a shit about her ideas .

  2. Wow!
    Now the climate is racist. Unbelievable!
    We can slow racism by not labelling almost everything “racist”.
    The dog I had many years ago had a habit of farting. He tried to quit, but he gained a lot of weight.😄
    Climate has been changing since the Universe was created. Here on Earth it’s called the Seasons….
    Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
    Is mentioning this stuff on the DML app supposed to be comic relief?

  3. Damn. Get me off this frickin rock. This planet is doomed, because idiots like this is going to dumb it down so far, monkeys will be smarter than them. 😳

  4. This, right here, and her ilk are prime examples why we are headed down a slippery slope to socialism and population control. There is no place in our country for lunatics like this. I’d give anything to see her go over to China, the world’s number one polluter and spew her garbage. She’d be taking Britney’s cell for eternity, if not executed on the spot. Frickin freak.

  5. She only proves we live in a clown world. Bet she votes for the party responsible for starting white supremacy. If these people hate Capitalist so much why don’t she and the other haters buy a large plot of land, sell off everything they own including phones. Then turn that land into a large nudist colony and live 100% off of the land. Build shelter from fallen trees and branches and eat off of whatever they can find in the dirt and woods. Then lets see how long it takes to miss those Capitalist that you get everything you have now.

    • Wonder if any of these dumb asses know how to plant a garden and truly live off the land. They would probably call an eggplant racist.


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