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A branch of the Islamic State has reportedly released footage of a 12-year-old executing two Nigerian soldiers.

The terrorist group released footage of a 12-year-old member of the Islamic State in West Africa Province killing two Nigerian soldiers in a video titled “Makers of Epic Battles.” Tomasz Rolbiecki , a researcher of ISIS and its worldwide tactics, noted that the 17-minute-long video depicts the attacks from ISWAP’s spring campaign, which erupted in northern Borno and Yobe, two states in Nigeria.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There are no words to describe how awful it is,” tweeted Rolbiecki.

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  1. I don’t give a shit who kills who n another country. All I care is about what happens in the USA. Let them kill each other. no skin off r noses.

  2. Find where they hide and napalm the cr⁴p out of them. There truly is no collateral damage when fighting islam. Our removal from the face of the earth is their goal. Our goal should be exactly the reverse.

  3. Who cares about who is killing terrorists!!! Let them kill each other who would this benefit??? Less money to corrupt Third World countries

  4. Obama put 350,000 in America and Biden has just released 200,000
    And there’s no telling how many crossed the border.
    This is what they do And their children are no less crazy as their parents.
    They come here to kill And they will be released upon the Black people when The democrats get through using the blacks to kill white people.
    But they are all going to be surprised
    White people are not going to lay down And let you do this

  5. I hope that Obama and Biden Rots in hell.
    That brain dead Biden is mouthing what Obama wants. If Americans don’t wake up. We will be fighting in the streets to protect ourselves.

  6. I’m not sure which picture referred to a 10-12 year old killing older men but all the photos revealed larger legs , calves etc., not those of a child or young teen . So I’m not believing this at least not from these photos , I do know these kids are wicked, unlike ours.


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