REPORT: Israeli strikes hit Iranian targets near ancestral home region

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AMMAN, Aug 14 (Reuters) – Israel hit Iranian targets in a series of strikes on Sunday near the ancestral home region of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and close to Russia’s main Syrian bases on the Mediterranean coast, regional intelligence and Syrian military sources said.

The Syrian army earlier said three servicemen were killed and three were wounded in two simultaneous Israeli attacks south of the province of Tartous, and another on the capital of Damascus. It gave no details of the specific locations.

The article goes on to state the following:

The strikes on the northeastern outskirts of Damascus hit outposts run by Lebanon’s pro-Iranian Hezbollah group, two Syrian military defectors familiar with the region said.

In recent years Israel has been staging hundreds of strikes against alleged Iranian targets, however, have avoided hitting the coastal provinces where Russia’s main military assets are.

Military experts say the latest strikes are part of an escalation.

These strikes were close to the Russian navy’s Mediterranean base where Russian warships are docked.

Reportedly Russian forces in Syria turn a blind eye to Israeli air strikes against suspected Iranian-sponsored deployments.

Due to the former condemnation of the Ukraine war and the scrutiny of a Jewish emigration agency, tensions have risen between Israel and Russia.

In a statement last month, Israel said its military jets came under Russian anti-craft fire over Syria but they missed their target.

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  1. This is a clear escalation. Israel had taken mostly a hands-off approach in Syria, which should have been Obama’s first clue not to jump in there ourselves.

  2. Praying for Israel, GODs chosen people, if this comes to war between Russia and Israel, this will fulfill the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 where Russia and other countries in the region, such as Syria, Turkey, Libya and others will launch a war against Israel. If you’re here to see it, you will see GOD perform miracles to save Israel.


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