REPORT: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: Doctors warn shortage of child antibiotics and flu drugs as kids bear brunt of ‘tripledemic’

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America is running short on four key antibiotics and respiratory drugs for children, as seasonal bugs come back with a bang after being suppressed during lockdowns.

Health officials have declared a shortage of amoxicillin, a vital antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia, respiratory infections and strep throat.

But doctors on the ground are also reporting dwindling stocks of Augmentin – a antibiotic drug that uses amoxicillin alongside clavulanic acid – Tamiflu, the most commonly used flu medication in US hospitals, and albuterol, an inhaler for asthma and to relieve other lung symptoms.

Parents are desperately searching for medications which are hard to find amid surging demand. The report cites the “lockdowns in 2020 as well as mitigation measures such as masking and isolation” as the factors contributing to the problem.

The measures caused an the rate of circulating viruses like flu and RSV to drop, leaving many people’s immune systems ill-equipped for the viruses.

“[I]nfants born in the past two years are likely being confronted with the pathogen for the first time ever, making them very susceptible to severe illness,” the report says.

Some children’s hospitals have hit 100 per cent capacity with the increase in RSV and flu patients, viruses which are both deadly for youngsters.

“In my 25 years of being a pediatrician, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Dr Stacene Maroushek, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota, according to CNN.

“I have seen families who just aren’t getting a break. They have one viral illness after another. And now there’s the secondary effect of ear infections and pneumonia that are prompting amoxicillin shortages.”

Ashish Jha, the White House’s coronavirus response director, was asked about CNN’s report on the shortage of children’s drugs.

“I’d have to look at the specifics,” Jha said.

“We often see shortages of individual antibiotics,” Jha claimed. “I’m not aware of antivirals”.

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  1. Stop the illegal freeloaders at the border. There is allegedly some connection of them bringing this shit into the US. CLOSE THE BORDER.

  2. Hmmm…shortages of antivirals, antibiotics, and baby formula. We’re either a 3rd world country, or the globalist agenda is at work. Why is Soros still breathing?

    • Direct consequence for being ignorant… Voted for perceived personality over substance.. I say perceived as Biden turned out to be a bigger a-hole than Trump, and as a “bonus” has crippled our country….

  3. Yet another consequence of the lockdowns. Also, I believe all the sanitizing and masking caused immune systems to weaken. Domino effect but… but… but… follow the science!

  4. The bio- weapon C-19 rna experimental jab is to blame it weakens the immune system and prevents it from repairing itself so they’re easy prey for every virus and bacterial disease that’s why cancer has been coming back with a vengeance this is all part of Agenda 230 depopulation much higher rates of stillbirths and miscarriages watch the documentary “Died Suddenly” thru

  5. I believe it’s a fear tactic to get people to agree to lockdowns of the schools again and mandatory face masks. They’ve wanted to be in control of this once again. I don’t trust much of anything they’re reporting through the media.

  6. Just wait, idiots still masking “for covid” are going to be hit with other viruses once removed. Add 14 booster shots their immune systems are toast.

  7. Oh I’m sure the hospitals will have plenty and at the same time prohibit ANYONE to enter without a suffocation device on!
    Kids should be taking 2,000 mg of VIT C and Daily dose of D3 to keep immune strength. The freakin’ masks turned the immune system off and added asbestos, plastics, and formaldehyde to their lungs. I hope FRAUDci is hung by his feet, buck naked in temps of 40 degrees, with 10 masks on his ugly face until he CROAKS!!!

  8. My sister has military insurance and her husband’s diabetes medication is shipped from China. She had to call China when she had a problem getting it. This is so messed up.


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