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The House committee investigating the Capitol riot will present evidence of crimes “that have not yet been alleged,” according to one high-profile member.

Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, who led the second impeachment against former President Donald Trump, boasted of how the panel has “not been shy about criminal evidence we encounter” during an interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday.

The article goes on to state the following:

“And our report will be profuse in setting forth crimes that have not yet been alleged,” Raskin added. He also said Jan. 6 hearings, expected in May and June, will be scheduled “in a way that the big majority of the population will be able to tune in live.”

Raskin said the the Department of Justice has already charged “a lot of people” it “seems to be working its way up from the bottom to the top.”

Last month, Rep. Liz Cheney said that Trump “more likely than not” broke the law when he “corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.”

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  1. These people are such assholes… Amazing how 100% of their efforts are to find anything they can try to pin on Trump…

  2. Jamie your a pos you have always been a pos how you keep being voted back in amazes me because I know the people in Maryland hate you . Why do I know im one of them .

  3. The select members of this panel are entrenched ideologues who cannot possibly view any event or individual involved in it fairly weighing all evidence because they have found them all guilty already for what they want /think them to have done. It benefits these leftists wildly to succeed in painting January 6th as an insurrection which it most certainly was not- it couldn’t possibly have been because the real insurrection occurred in November and they know it.

  4. So they are going to make up crimes! They are so stupid that they think having the hearings live will win them the midterms! I can’t wait to see this backfire epically!!


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