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First Lady Jill Biden staged a media photo-op with pallets of baby formula on Wednesday, as store shelves remain empty.

“I’ve always said that food is love, but food is life too,” the First Lady said, appearing with the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

The article goes on to state the following:

The formula was flown by the Department of Defense from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to the Dulles airport near Washington, DC, in the United States.

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Listen to the latest daily DML podcasts below! Then please share. And if you have the DML NEWS APP, please tell people to download it today and help conservatives have a real voice.

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    • And much of it won’t be put on shelves because it’s in a foreign language. We wouldn’t be in this mess if not for Biden, and now he’s dangling the formula, but won’t give it out. While children’s health is at risk!! I think people can figure it out. This President is a monster, and his admin are evil. This just proves it.

    • This administration is all about the children. Starve them, abort them and sexually confuse them. Use them as props.

      Was at Wally world day before yesterday. No formula. Of course near all the shelves had bare spots.

  1. This administration is and always will be America and Americans last. It’s not funny that Russia has more baby formula on their shelves then the united states, the worst part is that the administration knew about the shortage the shut down of the plant but never did anything about it until it was too late.

    • And giving it all to the Border crossers.
      Are they paying your rent?Hell no but making place for 2 million people and money that didn’t even get checked for Covid or background checks!

  2. Maybe giving Ukraine 40 Billion and then turning around to spend more taxpayers money to fly in formula wasn’t such a good idea. Gives the impression it was done on purpose.

    • Gives an impression, ha, it was done on purpose!

      You don’t have 6 months warning, sit on your hands until it’s a crisis!

  3. Oh isn’t she special!!! One big photo op while the country dies on the vine!!! These people are a disgrace to humanity! Where’s their compassion also for the lives lost in Texas? Nothing from her on that and evil Old Joe could only talk abt Guns!!!!

  4. America should never be begging or relying on any country for anything! Shameful! Global Economics will be the death of this country.

    (Funny that auto correct on my Apple phone jumped right to Global Warming when I was typing Global Economics)

    The next generation of online kids have already doomed us thanks to Big Tech.

  5. She’s not a First Lady. Far from it. She’s back babysitting. Instead of kids. She’s babysitting creepy old Joe💩

  6. Why get it from Germany? We’ve got a bunch at the border for non-citizens. Want to bet that some of this shipment ends up down there too?

  7. Look see, we are your heroes, we’re from the government and we are here to help you. Glad to see some will eat, but one airplane full wont feed 9m babies across this country.

  8. Does she believe the parents that need it are going to be impressed? That is the photo-op is nothing to proud of. It represents failure to act in a timely manner. Maybe if Bidens administration didn’t have their priorities so jacked up he wouldn’t have had to do to another country for disaster relief.

  9. The shelves are empty because 78,000 pounds = enough food for 1/2 million babies. The question we should be asking is, WHY can other countries get baby formula (Europe, Mexico, Canada, Sweden …) and America can’t? And BTW, after inspection the lab should not have been closed.

  10. First it’s oil and gas that we had plenty of but now have to beg other countries for, now it’s baby formula. What’s next.

  11. Other country dont have a shortage of baby formula bc they are not getting millions of illegals crossing their borders!
    Obiden needs to be removed and impeached for the destruction of America!

    Big Pharma could make baby formulas and do something for the good of children instead of their deadly vaccines!
    Didnt Trump have auto maker’s manufacturer ventilator at beginning of pandemic due to shortage! 🤨


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