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A Wisconsin federal judge ordered a temporary halt to a $4 billion race-based federal relief program for farmers on Thursday.

A group of White farmers had filed a lawsuit arguing the policy discriminates against them.

The article goes on to state the following:

Milwaukee District Judge William Griesbach issued a temporary restraining order, noting the White farmers “are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ” use of race-based criteria in the administration of the program violates their right to equal protection under the law,” according to NBC News.

“The obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: it is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin,” Griesbach continued.

The USDA spoke with Fox News and disagreed with the order.

“We respectfully disagree with this temporary order and USDA will continue to forcefully defend our ability to carry out this act of Congress and deliver debt relief to socially disadvantaged borrowers,” a USDA spokesperson told Fox News. “When the temporary order is lifted, USDA will be prepared to provide the debt relief authorized by Congress.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the aid saying, “I think you have to take you back 20, 30 years when we know for a fact that socially disadvantaged producers were discriminated against by the United States Department of Agriculture. We know this. We have reimbursed people in the past for those acts of discrimination, but we’ve never absolutely dealt with the cumulative effect.”

“Secondly, when you look at the Covid relief packages that had been passed and distributed by USDA prior to the American rescue plan, and you take a look at who disproportionately received the benefits of those covid payments, it’s pretty clear that white farmers did pretty well under that program because of the way it was structured and structured on size and structured on production. So I think there is a very legitimate reason for doing what we are doing,” the secretary continued.

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  1. It sounds much like South Africa regarding white owned farms being attacked because they are white owned…
    I look forward to that being attempted here… I don’t believe that white owned American farms will allow it to occur.
    Mark my words.

  2. Well if it’s about votes they just crapped in their baskets because there are far more white farmers than black farmers!! Js

  3. The USDA is paying them for discrimination 20 to 30 years ago!! All programs white farmers get, are the same for farmers of color. But, what farmers of color get, white farmers can’t get. How much did bill gates get on all his farms he owns?? And alot of white farmers aren’t rich, like my grandson’s. They have to work off their small farm to survive.

  4. Many farmers struggle, it does not matter their skin color. They are all at the mercy of weather and futures prices. It is completely racist to say only minority color gets government help.

  5. This is just more liberal BS to conjure up votes. There are farmers of all colors who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Not just one specific race. Many white farmers struggle to make ends meet also. This is not a race specific by no means.


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