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A judge in Georgia dismissed former Sen. David Perdue’s (R-GA) lawsuit Wednesday, claiming his allegations of fraudulent ballots being counted in the 2020 general election were “conjecture” and “paranoia.”

Perdue filed his lawsuit jointly with a voter in the Fulton County Superior Court in December, days after announcing his bid for Georgia governor. The lawsuit asked Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney to declare that county officials violated the rights of both plaintiffs and to allow his team to examine the absentee ballots to prove election fraud existed in the county.

The article goes on to state the following:

In his dismissal of the case, McBurney said Perdue’s request was full of “speculation, conjecture, and paranoia — sufficient fodder for talk shows, op-ed pieces, and social media platforms, but far short of what would legally justify a court taking such action,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the article, Perdue and one voter, Elizabeth Grace Lennon, said they were denied due process and equal protection under the law when ballots were allegedly scanned many times. The suit claimed that thousands of ballots were counterfeit and were still certified.

Perdue said the ruling is “another example of how the establishment continues to cover up what happened in 2020.” He also stated that he will appeal the decision.

Reporter Greg Bluestein tweeted Friday, “A Fulton County judge has rejected former U.S. Sen. David Perdue’s request to inspect ballots from the November 2020 election, saying his evidence of voting fraud amounts to ‘conjecture and paranoia.’ Don Samuel, who reps Fulton County, said the judge’s order reflects ‘the judiciary’s virtually unanimous rejection’ of these cases.
‘For the plaintiff to decry these lawsuits as ‘procedural nonsense’ is the surest sign that the plaintiffs do not understand the rule of law.'”

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  1. I’m appalled at the judges who dismiss cases brought to them based on their opinion of the allegations instead of asking for or looking at the facts. S see postenyly this Jude is bought and paid for by the Dems to help hide the fraud!

  2. OMGosh 4 almost 5 of President Trump conjecture” and “paranoia.” Ian sick of this hogwash from the left and the so called “Republicans.”

  3. This judge is a liberal POS. Look into his background. He is from the Harvard machine from undergrad through law school.

    He voted with other leftist judges to grant anti-Trump district attorney Fani Willis to open a probe against Donald Trump during the 2020 election fraud scandal. This leftist judge hides as non-partisan but that is a code word for leftist.

  4. Not paranoia. Fact!

    And why do the Democrats keep trying so hard to bury it?

    Independents like myself will draw the logical inference.


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