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North Carolina judges struck down the state´s latest photo voter identification law on Friday, agreeing with minority voters that Republicans rammed through rules tainted by racial bias as a way to remain in power.

Two of the three trial judges at Wake County Superior Court in Raleigh declared the December 2018 law is unconstitutional, even though it was designed to implement a photo voter ID mandate added to the North Carolina Constitution in a referendum just weeks earlier.

The article goes on to state the following:

They said the law was rushed and intentionally discriminates against black voters, violating their equal protections.

Superior Court Judges Michael O´Foghludha and Vince Rozier said the law “was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters.”

“Other, less restrictive voter ID laws would have sufficed to achieve the legitimate nonracial purposes of implementing the constitutional amendment requiring voter ID, deterring fraud, or enhancing voter confidence,” they added.

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  1. This pisses me off as I am s majority of North Carolinians voted for Voter ID and it passed! How can The will of the people be reversed in an election? If they can do this why can we find a Judge that could reverse the 2020 Presidential Election! Wishful thinking on my part! Again, I am very angry regarding this ruling! Why bother putting it to a state vote then! 😡😡

    • For sure the judges are Democrats, ID’s are required for everything so where is the racism? Democrats s are the ones who wants to staying in power and control everyone’s life, and keep destroying our country!😡

      • ChaMar!!! You are the winner!

        Michael O’Foghludha is a judge for Judicial District 14B of the North Carolina 1st Superior Court Division. He assumed office on January 3, 2011. His current term ends on December 31, 2026.

        O’Foghludha (Democratic Party) ran for re-election for the Judicial District 14B judge of the North Carolina 1st Superior Court Division. He won in the general election on November 6, 2018.

        Vince Rozier

        Main Results
        Born: October 2, 1976 (age 44 years), Tar Heel, NC
        Spouse: Dekhasta Rozier
        Education: NCCU School of Law (1998–2001)
        Party: Democratic Party

        DemoRats are always playing that race card! That’s the only way they can win!

        Who knew blacks were so inadequate, they can’t get their picture made?

        I’m glad they have someone smarting them, in high places reminding them how stupid they (DemoRats) think they are!

  2. I am a resident of NC. In the 2018 election, the majority of citizens voted to implement VOTER ID. The Democratic governor and his liberal cronies took it from there. It’s been like a game of ping pong, going back and forth from his desk, the NAACP and various judges. Why even put something so important on the ballot for us to vote on if you won’t enact it??? I’m so disgusted!

  3. If voter ID is unconstitutional and racist, then so are drivers licenses and CCPs, think about it, All these judges need to be replaced with logical minded ones that have all been tested mentally before seated. 99% are power mongers !!

  4. These judges are making law now days, not interpreting the law. Why have legislators or people voting for something when the judges are going to have what they want anyway.

  5. You have to have a photo ID for so many things in this country (Buy alcohol, purchase cigarettes) but God forbid we require it to ensure the integrity of our elections! Such bullshit!

  6. I call bullshit you can’t even cash a paycheck without ID and if getting an ID is the problem then make them free specifically a voter ID with a specific watermark so it cannot be duplicated and make the day of voting a national holiday there you go boom no excuse

  7. These damn judges have to stop with this stupid ridicules bullshit that its racist. These judges are part of the problems in this country.

  8. Go back to court…go to the Supreme Court if necessary….We must win this one…if not…Biden will bring Billions of Afghan, illegals, and dead people to vote…do it before is too late…

  9. Those judges are racist, insinuating that black people don’t have the ability to get voter ID. I wonder if any of them drive 🤔. Oh, I guess it also means they can’t fly, or do a number of other things requiring ID. Those judges are definitely woke!

  10. so stupid get rid of theses judges who needs a brain dead judge they should not be in that seat if they can’t do their friggin job that’s crazy who is this brain dead idiot anyway

  11. Corrupt clowns and once again this culture CANNOT stand on its own, always plays the race card. You cannot even get a picture ID, really. Dumbing down the corrupt school system is really working. Pathetic

  12. crazy— i have to show my i’d at my dr, my dentist, to give blood to buy car tags, to apply for credit, to rent a motel room, to buy booze, if i get a traffic ticket, to rent a car and the list goes on but the communist democrats don’t think voter is is necessary 🤔😳😤🤬


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