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The Department of Defense (DOD) was warned that the Afghan Air Force would collapse without help from the U.S. months before President Joe Biden announced the country would withdraw from Afghanistan, according to a declassified watchdog report.

The watchdog report, declassified Tuesday and written by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko, was given to the DOD in January 2021, according to The Associated Press. It warned that the U.S. had not adequately trained support staff for the country and that the Afghan Air Force wouldn’t be able to keep up aircraft without U.S. help.

The article goes on to state the following:

The report highlights the fact that the Biden administration was warned months ahead of time of the collapse of the Afghan Air Force. Biden was sharply criticized for his administration’s withdrawal process from the country, though the president has maintained that chaos was inevitable. His administration has also claimed that while they were prepared for the chaos, Afghanistan fell more quickly than anticipated following a rapid Taliban takeover.

The Associated Press also shared the following:

The inspector general’s office told The Associated Press on Monday that it is rare for SIGAR reports to be classified but when they are, a declassified version is issued by the Pentagon in under two months. The office said it did not know why it took the Defense Department more than a year before declassifying this particular report, or why it did so now, five months after the Taliban took power.

SIGAR shared a link to their declassified report on Tuesday, and tweeted, “Unclassified version of Jan 2021 report: SIGAR warned that potential absence of military advisors & contractors before #Afghan Air Force & Special Mission Wing able to staff, manage, fund, or maintain their forces “puts at risk the entire US investment in Afghan air forces.””

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  1. Biden will go down as the worse President in our history. His whole Administration does not seem qualified to hold the titles they have. They all seem to want to destroy the America that We the People love. Home of the Brave and Land of the free. VOTE RED people. Open your eyes.

    • I agree Jojo. Biden has run rough shod over this nation due to his senile dementia that Mrs Biden is trying to hide. He’s lost in space. Meanwhile, she plays dutiful wife and the USA suffers. People are broke, immigrants run in with lethal drugs, foreign policy is dubious, and our energy is costing us our life savings. Vote red as Jojo said.


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