REPORT: Kemp condemns antisemitic flyers found in Atlanta suburbs

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) condemned antisemitic flyers found on residents’ driveways in Atlanta, Ga. suburbs over the weekend.

Residents of the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody neighborhoods, which are predominantly Jewish, found antisemitic flyers encased in plastic ziploc baggies on their driveways Sunday morning.

“This kind of hate has no place in our state and the individuals responsible do not share Georgia’s values,” Kemp wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

“If needed, state law enforcement stands ready to assist @SandySprings_PD and @DunwoodyPolice in their investigations. We will always condemn acts of antisemitism,” Kemp added.

Former state Rep. Mike Wilensky (D), also condemned the flyers in a Facebook post.

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  1. Strange- something like that was found in my neighborhood park in AZ. I wonder why they chose such an old fashioned way of communicating.
    I’m also wondering what is considered a crime here. It’s not nice, but it’s free speech ( littering maybe)?
    I’ve seen flyers talking about the pope being a pedophile, but nobody seemed interested in going after them for it.

  2. Kohn- how did your master’s balloon expedition go? Get what
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    • Yep, we traditional conservatives must be China-loving liberals following a liberal president if we refuse to drink the MAGA Kool-Aid from a man who has been accused 21 times of sexual harassment, and was caught cheating on his taxes for years.

      Speaking of China, explain this to me from the web…

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By Mike McIntire, Russ Buettner and Susanne Craig

      Published Oct. 20, 2020
Updated July 20, 2021

  3. So Kemp showed outrage over a nasty antisemitic prank. Wouldn’t it be nice if he showed a tiny fraction of that passion over 5 million illegals aliens since Biden took office. I have no animosity toward Jews, but this selective indignation and hysterical overaction is ridiculous. Flyers on lawns, no matter how nasty, are trivial compared to mass uncontrolled alien migration. Insulting flyers are protected speech under the First Amendment. Mass illegal border crossing is not Constitutionally protected. The flyers on lawns cost American taxpayers nothing. Illegal aliens cost us mult- billions every year. Has Kemp offered to have the state’s law enforcement investigate businesses for employing illegal aliens? Has he made “E Verify” mandatory for businesses operating in the state? I don’t live in Georgia but I feel confident in predicting he has done none of these things.

  4. No doubt- the work of Leftist Nazi DemoCrates. They must keep up their deranged, hateful & unhinged narrative to make Americans feel unsafe. Truth is these Soros & Obama loving psychopaths will soon be floating to the top for everyone to see. Scoop them out & throw them in the trash.


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