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Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., claimed Thursday that a Secret Service agent who may testify before the Jan. 6 committee about the timeline of events that unfolded around former President Donald Trump during the riot “likes to lie.”

Two Secret Service agents, Tony Ornato and Robert Engel, are prepared to testify before Congress that then-President Donald Trump did not lunge at a steering wheel or assault them in an attempt to go to the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot, a source close to the Secret Service told Fox News’ David Spunt this week.

The article goes on to state the following:

The explosive new allegations were made on Tuesday by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

This week there have been several posts made about Ornato that claim he is a habitual liar.

Olivia Troye, former White House Homeland Security advisor under Mike Pence claimed, “Tony Ornato sure seems to deny conversations he’s apparently had. First this one with Keith Kellogg in ‘I Alone Can Fix It’ [and] now he’s denying the story he told Cassidy Hutchinson. Those of us who worked w/ Tony know where his loyalties lie. He should testify under oath.”

CNN’s Alyssa Farah Griffin tweeted, “Tony Ornato lied about me too. During the protests at Lafayette Sq. in 2020, I told Mark Meadows [and] Ornato they needed to warn press staged there before clearing the square. Meadows replied: ‘We aren’t doing that.’”

New York Times bestselling author and journalist, Seth Abramson tweeted, “No lawyer who’s ever tried a case believes Tony Ornato over Cassidy Hutchinson, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Keith Kellogg—for many reasons, including that Trump is Ornato’s patron, Ornato broke USSS protocol to join Trump’s political team, and he’s known to lie to protect his patron.”

“Keep in mind that the only reason we even have to occasionally indulge the preposterous delusion that it’s not that Trump is a career criminal and pathological liar but the victim of a series of massive hoaxes is because he is a cult leader and his cultists are *vocally* deranged. We’re now 40,000 documented lies and a few hundred publicly discernible crimes into Donald Trump’s political career; if you still believe his con and can’t immediately detect its maneuvers I’m candidly terrified at the possibility you’ve voted or driven a car let alone procreated.”

Kinzinger responded, “There seems to be a major thread here… Tony Ornato likes to lie.”

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  1. 🤣🤣 what a clown show this is!! I’m sure the people believe Congress and all the bullshit they have brought forward.

  2. Let’s be honest… .would we miss Adam if someone ran over that shit stain with a semi? Hell no we wouldn’t.

  3. And if want liers all you need to do is look at the demorat party. None of the has told a shread of truth for 6 yrs

  4. Hearsay Hearsay Hearsay !
    This is never going anywhere !
    That khunt will be swept under the carpet by dems when they have no use for her just like Kavanaugh Wayne’s World lookalike dumbest human walking.

  5. Oh really! What a joke…….. FBI is not taking the blame this time guy’s ! The democrats are having a hard time trying to get people to back them up lately…

  6. It’s funny the circus believed the witness. When she said , ” Tony said the president did all those crazy things.” Now today the very man she quoted is a liar. But they took her stories as the gospel truth. They can’t have it both ways. Either she is lying about him saying it or Tony lied when he told the stories to begin with.

  7. First off, BS because he wouldn’t be an agent if that was true.
    Second off, it doesn’t matter if he is a pathological liar, the fact remains that what she claims is impossible.
    So who’s the real liar?
    Third off, it’s all hearsay. Period.

  8. This whole thing is a complete joke and has been since day 1. This just reinforces the fraud of the committee. If he likes to lie then don’t bother interviewing him and let him make the media circuit so Americans can figure out who to believe. Kinzinger is a rat. He’s overdue for a bus accident.

  9. Like kinzinger and Schiff aren’t liars with his prodigies I see no credible evidence it’s all hearsay I don’t see a 70-year-old man going up and trying to overpower a secret service agent who’s been trained in invasive driving I see Trump asking to go to the capital and I see the secret Service saying no we can’t secure you secret service has final say every president knows this coming into office… I don’t see any credible evidence cuz once upon a Time the FBI already cleared Trump all these attorneys had evidence on the 2020 election now look what that’s coming about so all of a sudden just the Democrats and Liz Cheney has all the proof in the world and they’re gospel they’re better than the Bible this is a sham a waste of taxpayers money and these people all ought to be arrested for bringing false claims..

  10. Kinzinger is a filthy piece of shit.
    Trying to defame a Secret Service Agent assigned to the pOTUS.

    After a background check, Kinzinger wouldn’t be okay’d to mow someone’s lawn.

    Time to remove these criminal politicians one way or another. I choose the other.

  11. This, coming from the same folks who pushed the Russia collusion hoax, “fine people” lie, injecting bleach hoax, Covington slander, Kavanaugh smear, Smollett hate crime hoax, clearing of Lafayette Square for photo op lie, Brian Sicknick murdered lie, gun-toting insurrectionists arrested inside the Capitol lie, ridiculous Jan. 6 worse than 9/11 hysteria, Russians paid bounties to the Taliban rumor, Trump insulted our dead servicemen lie, Democrats posing as Neo-Nazi supporters of Glenn Youngkin, “vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person” lie, Rittenhouse murdered blacks lie, Border Patrol agents on horseback using whips on Haitian border crossers lie, the Rebekah Jones’ Florida officials doctored COVID data lie, etc.

  12. He’s a poster boy for the lying democrats and rinos. That he says this other guy lies is like the pot calling the kettle black. It’s his last term so the POC is doing everything he can to get back at President Trump. As for calling people who believe in President Trump and the economy under him deranged 🤣 there’s no one more deranged or delusional than the democrats & rinos in congress. To name a few, pelosi, schiff, schumer, waters, aoc sorry I don’t have the time to list everyone so let’s just say the entire radical socialist left which is the entire senate & house. Poor little kitschy got his feeling hurt cause he knew he couldn’t re-elected


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