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How many seconds does it take for a ballistic missile to reach London, Paris or Berlin?

That’s the question pundits on Russian state TV were pondering as the war in Ukraine entered its third month.

The article goes on to state the following:

The eerie estimates were accompanied by a graphic showing the trajectories that Moscow’s intercontinental ballistic missiles would take to reach the capitals of European nations that supply Kyiv with the most military aid.

NBC News notes that Russia’s military is “struggling” with its invasion in Ukraine, emboldening its rivals and leaving “the neighbor it invaded” defiant.

The outlet reviewed “dozens of hours of state media coverage” and found the reporters were “increasingly reaching for new and more outlandish claims to justify the Ukraine invasion.”

According to Mark Galeotti, a senior associate fellow at the London-based think tank Royal United Services Institute:

“The Kremlin has relatively few instruments to try and influence the West, and therefore it’s resorting to all this spine-chilling rhetoric as a means of attempted intimidation.”

What Russian President Vladimir Putin has is “the dark power of looking crazy and dangerous,” he said.

In one example of over-the-top messaging, NBC cited a false suggestion from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who said Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had “Jewish blood” like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and that some of the “biggest antisemites were, as a rule, Jewish.” Other examples include narratives about Ukrainian troops using  “black magic” allegations of drug use by Zelenskyy.

“A lot of this rhetoric is essentially to ram home this notion that this is not actually just a war in Ukraine, but rather a proxy war with the West,” Galeotti said. “They’re trying to amp up the sense of the scale of this confrontation just in case the decision is made about converting it from a special military operation into a full-scale war. If you want to avoid making that sound like a defeat, then you have to say it’s because this is no longer just about Ukraine, but rather about Russia against the whole West.”

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  1. Strike Paris ? Hell they could strike NY, the Hamptons , LA and Sacramento . Maybe then women would wake the hell up and quit voting for these clowns hell bent on destroying capitalism.

  2. Putin is basically using psy-ops to unsettle and create discord in the EU and USA. I dont believe he is crazy; though he may be desperate for a big win. I don’t think he wants a nuclear exchange but I am sure he knows our world leaders are weak wieners and he will scare them into submission.

    I think he is hoping all this talk if nuclear apocalypse will give him a clear road to take over strategic slivers if Europe neighboring Russia.

  3. Putin knows the results of an all out war would be to both Russia and the west. Crazy maybe but his generals are not crazy or stupid! I think Putin’s days are numbered and will be gone soon. Even the Russian people know what’s happening in Ukraine. Putin made a bad decision and will pay for it!

  4. We see here how DML Goebbels is now trying to divert attention away from the fact that the Ukrainian government is a band of corrupt gangsters with a president who refuses to condemn a Nazi battalion within its ranks in the south because his identity reflects his Ukrainian heritage rather than his Jewish ancestry. Just as I feel no connection to my British or Irish ancestry. Way to go there, Lynch. Sieg Heil!


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