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Los Angeles County’s top prosecutor has reversed a policy barring his deputy district attorneys from seeking cash bail, which he wanted to eliminate, as criticism of his office continues to mount amid a rise in crime and calls for his ouster.

A memo to prosecutors from Sharon Woo, the chief deputy district attorney and second-in-command to District Attorney George Gascon, outlined a plan to create develop a pre-trial services program that would balance “both the rights of the accused while protecting public safety” as an alternative to cash bail.

The article goes on to state the following:

“After listening to the community, victims and members of this Office, I have decided to allow limited exceptions to the pre-trial release policy while such a program is finalized,” the memo states.

In a recent MSNBC interview, Gascon claimed his office is prosecuting crimes “at the same rate and, in some cases, higher than my predecessor.”

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  1. No matter what he says I hope for their sake they don’t give up on the recall. He’ll say whatever it takes and then change his mind.

  2. I agree that gascon should be recalled. He’s just trying to appease the citizens there so they don’t recall him.

    Stay strong, LA citizens – recall gascon and begin the process of taking back your city.

  3. A SNAKE is A SNAKE is A SNAKE! Recall him and all others like him. Make crime WRONG again. George Soros is a dangerous man. Gascon is his minion. He has no capability of independent thought. Los Angeles is like Chicago,NYC and so many other Democrat run cities with liberal mayors and liberal governors. Enough. RECALL!! Make CRIME wrong again!!


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