REPORT: Late night show to end after almost 30 years

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CBS’ late night talk show “The Late Late Show” is finally getting the axe and is set to be replaced by a reincarnated “Comedy Central” series from executive producer Stephen Colbert.

This marks the end of a CBS franchise that has been on-air for nearly 30 years.

According to Hollywood outlet “Deadline,” the series will be replaced by a “reboot of @midnight, a series that ran for 600 episodes on Comedy Central from 2013-17.” Stephen Colbert will extend his reign over late night as in addition to still hosting his evening talk show, “The Late Show,” he has been made executive producer of the reboot.

In 2022 James Corden announced that he would no longer be hosting the “Late Late Show” after the spring of 2023.

Corden told Deadline at the time, “It’s been a really hard decision to leave because I’m so immensely proud of the show. I’m thrilled to be extending [for a year]. I always thought I’d do it for five years and then leave, and then I stayed on. I’ve really been thinking about it for a long time, thinking whether there might be one more adventure.”

Host Adam Conover tweeted Thursday, “This is such great news for comedians and comedy fans. @midnight gave so much airtime to so many comics – it was one of the best late night guest spots around. So great to see it come back!”

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  1. This was still on? I thought it went off the air 5 or 6 years ago…. oh that’s right, I quit watching when stopped being entertaining and went political…

  2. Get rid of Steven Colbert and all the political crap and bring back good entertainment then maybe I might watch again! Get rid of jimmy Kimmel as well the dirt bag liberal he is!

  3. This is not good news. Colbert expanding his control will only make the late night situation worse. How can we bring in more comedians with Colberts influence on hate and wokeness and pushing those like that host of the Gokden Globes. It will not be funny and it will never be balanced. Get rid of Colbert, Kimmel and Meyer. And bring Fallon back to balance like he used to be.

  4. I was hoping for that donkey (literally), Jimmy Kimmel, to be nixed! Goodness, I can’t stand the guy!!

    Late night is not what it used to be. I can’t stomach any of it. They should replace them with old David Letterman shows!

  5. I used to enjoy Jimmy Fallon, but he’s more political now. I stopped watching.

    Giving Colbert more time and control to spew his nonsense is not right.

    Jimmy Kimmel is also unwatchable. Give me Carson and Letterman any day.

  6. I miss Johnny Carson! I quit watching late night tv when he was gone! Now I watch old Johnny Carson videos! That was true comedy!! This other garbage is just that!! Garbage!!


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