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Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) is introducing a measure that would allow U.S. citizens to seize yachts and jets of sanctioned Russians.

“Corrupt Russian oligarchs have enabled Putin’s war,” the lawmaker tweeted. “We must use every tool at our disposal to stand up to Russia and stand with Ukraine.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Gooden wants to use letters of marque and reprisal, a license allowing citizens to engage in reprisals against citizens or vessels of another nation. The exclusive power to grant letters of marque lies with Congress pursuant to Article I of the Constitution.

“Russian yachts are already on the move and if the Biden Administration and our allies in Europe fail to act quickly these vessels will soon be out of our reach,” Gooden reportedly told The Hill.

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  1. Exactly. Who the fuck are we to go around taking anybody shit from them. Just like Canada they think the answer is to take their money and their assets. But what I really wouldn’t mind is to go around to some of the political leaders of the USA and start taking shit from them see how they like that

  2. Be careful what you do. This again is how we lose our freedom. There is sufficient laws on the books to enforce the sanctions.

  3. Are WE at war with Russia or its citizens??? That’s right NO, so what damn right do we have to take anything from them?
    That’s right we DON’T.
    We may not like them or more exactly their leader and his ways, but there are lots of good people in Russia and we just plain do NOT have this right to take anything.
    How about pass a bill of value to this nation instead huh?

  4. This is how the radical left gets Americans on board with seizing personal property from anyone who happens to be the slightest bit associated with the flavor of the day. Today it’s the Russians. Russian citizens are not responsible for what Putin does, regardless of how wrong it might be. This hateful treatment of people who happen to be of the same race/ethincinticy as the person or people who may be guilty of wrongful and hurtful actions in 100% wrong!! It actually reminds me of what used to be considered RACIST!!! But since racism is only a crime when directed at selected groups, it’s perfectly acceptable ok on this matter. And it’s this sort of ignorant behavior that is going to come back to bite these radical leftists on the ass. The message they are unknowingly giving here is that if the powers that be think you are in disagreement with them, ormaybe they just don’t like your kind, seizing your personal property and bank account is the proper punishment. As always the dems are playing dirty pool.

  5. Sure, let’s seize Russian assets, yachts, etc. Let’s get ourselves involved in this war with Russia and Ukraine so Russia will nuke us. Washington sucks!

  6. Man people are so worried about Russia not China who is a bigget fn threat and our own border is open to whom ever.

  7. Corrupt US oligarchs have allowed Ukraine to launder millions of US Taxpayers dollars to fund themselves! And they’re doing it again! Requesting, what is i it, $6Billion in aid? Not standing up for Russia, but also not standing for the Biden/Clinton/Ukraine bullshit either! There’s got to be some Truth somewhere in this story!

  8. The dems are counting on everyone staying fully focused on Russia and Ukraine right now so they can push through a whole lot of their dirty, sneaky tricks. As much as we may be watching the whole picture, it’s the Republicans who have to pay attention to the dirty dems because they are the ones who can catch them.

  9. They’ll just drag their feet for as long as they can and let those people get out of reach and then blame everyone else for it.


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