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Two members of the House of Lords in their eighties have been banned from parliament’s bars, restaurants, and the library for refusing to undertake reeducation on sexual harassment and bullying.

On Tuesday, members of the upper house voted by 315 to 86 to ban hereditary Peer Lord Willoughby de Broke, 82, and Lord Kalms, 89, formerly the chairman of Dixons Retail, from the facilities because they had refused the much-criticised “Valuing Everyone” training.

The article goes on to state the following:

A House of Lords spokesman told The Times that the very senior public servants would “have their access to services of the House restricted to minimise their contact with staff following their refusal to take part in Valuing Everyone training”.

The report quotes Lord Willoughby de Broke as declaring, “However much training I get I will never value everyone; as an example, I will never be able to value murderous terrorists, however many re-education or self-criticism camps I am required to attend.”

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  2. Wow.. I thought maybe this shit was only in the USA…DAMN.. I think people need a class on THE WHITE MAN IS IN CHARGE.. HAS BEEN N ALWAYS WILL BE.. NOW SIT DOWN SHUT UP N OBEY, u peasants.


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