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Leftists on Twitter don’t seem too inclined to celebrate Independence Day this year.

Ahead of the July 4th holiday, several prominent liberals on Twitter expressed their disgust for America and indicated they will not be celebrating our independence as a nation.

The article goes on to state the following:

For most of them, the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade, has sullied the celebration.

Leftists claim that since Roe v. Wade has been overturned, women are no longer free, so they won’t be celebrating Independence Day.  Others are complaining that Trump still isn’t in jail over the January 6th riot at the Capitol, and are raging against the still-growing MAGA movement.

Alisha Grauso, the features editor for Hollywood outlet Screen Rant, called for violence – a lot of it. She wrote: [emphasis added]

Any other fellow Americans not really in the mood to celebrate Independence Day this year? I sure don’t feel like rah-rahing for this country right now. My mood this year is more like what about if we burn this country to the goddamn ground, as a little treat?

Liberal actress Bette Midler posted a meme that reads, “4th of July has been cancelled due to a shortage of Independence. Sincerely, Women.”

Songwriter Richard Marx sneered,”“Independence” Day, my ass.”

Radio host and MSNBC contributor Dean Obeidallah went on a major Twitter rampage against Republicans, MAGA, Christians and Independence Day.  In one, he wrote:

Fredrick Douglass on July 4, 1852: “Your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless…your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery.”

Obeidallah’s rampage continues: “How can our nation celebrate “Independence Day” when the GOP Supreme “Court” just stripped women of the right to personal freedom?!”

Twitter user @AstralWarriorVT, a Screenwriter and lesbian, replied, “I will not be celebrating anything, I’ll be putting up a flag at half mast and upside down and resisting.”

More from Obedallah:

Democrats need to start making case that the GOP’s crusade to impose their religious beliefs as the law of our nation is the very definition of unAmerican.

Daily Reminder: Today’s GOP is no longer a political party, it’s a white nationalist, FASCIST movement that seeks to impose their EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of our land. The GOP must be utterly destroyed in order to save both our freedom & our Republic. #MAGAMonth

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in 1930 Germany as the Nazis were growing in popularity, I think we’re all getting a sense of it. At the time, some thought it would be fine while others grasped the threat posed. MAGA-like the Nazis-is how democracies die. #MAGAMonth

Today’s GOP celebrates “Independence Day” by stripping Americans of their freedom. They do NOT get what America is about. #July4th

This July 4th is unlike anyone I’ve ever experienced- on some level it feels like it could be our last given the GOP’s rejection of democracy and embrace of FASCISM. #July4th

REMINDER This #July4th: Democrats are the REAL Patriots. We are ones standing on the wall protecting our democratic Republic from the Fascists seeking to destroy it.

I ask this sincerely and constructively: Is the Biden admin doing enough in your view to protect our nation from the threat of fascism and religious tyranny posed by today’s GOP? If not what more would you like to see? Thanks.

This July 4th we need to celebrate the America enshrined in the US constitution that separates church and state. Not the GOP vision of imposing their religious beliefs upon us by law. We can NEVER allow the US to become the Right wing Christian version of Saudi. #July4th

Former Ohio State Senator and MSNBC contributor Nina Turner claimed, “Conservatives are going to trample on human rights, then turn around and celebrate Independence Day weekend.”

Author Don Winslow wrote, “Today is the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and Monday is July 4th. And yet here we are in 2022 without basic civil and human rights or independence and fundamental freedoms for women.”

Television personality Brandi Glanville tweeted, “I’m not celebrating Independence Day because I don’t like I live in a free country anymore.”

Randi Mayem Singer, screenwriter of Mrs. Doubtfire, snarked, “Happy Independence Day for Old White Men.”

Sen. Ted Cruz commented on the Fox News report, tweeting, “The angry Left hates America. They tell us every day. #HappyFourthOfJuly.”

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  1. Them freaking leave. Go down to TX and go across the boarder and hop the same train the illegals gets on and when it leaves to go south hop on it

  2. Wow. All these elites who made their millions from the country they now hate. Leave and let the rest of America live their lives in peace. Happy 4th of July to all those who still love our country . God Bless America.

  3. Alisha Grauso you are a F….GM Moron.. YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL‼️You are inciting riots‼️
    We are MAGNA STRONG WE ARE NIT GOING AWAY ANY TIME SOON‼️BIDEN crime family should be in jail not Trump again I say you are a Moron‼️‼️👎

  4. Happy 4th of July America!! I love my country. It’s the greatest country in the world. I will fly my beautiful flag today, tomorrow and every day as a reminder to everyone that there lives a real patriot and a real American.
    God bless the USA.

  5. I Love the USA, not so much the people! Leftists communists should go live in another country where their violence has and will be better appreciated! By the way you all are a minority group and the red wave will swallow you all in November. You’re not happy here and don’t believe in our Country then please feel free to leave.

  6. HAPPY JULY 4!! God Bless America! Once we get this commie regime out of office and return President Trump to office, our country can begin to heal. Trump/DeSantis 2024!!


  8. What is more then ridiculous is these simple facts. One their freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those documents were a direct result of the Revolutionary War.
    Second the right to have an abortion was returned to the states. The same document that protects their right to bitch, also leaves the question of abortion up to the states.
    Third if a person kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with a double homicide. So the only difference between an abortion and those charged with a double homicide is who makes the decision and who actually kills the baby. Sounds like a criminal conspiracy.

    In states where abortion is crazy permissive and I had killed some one. I would appeal on the grounds that I performed a late term abortion.
    If abortion can be legal up until birth or just after, there should be no laws against the murder of anyone.

  9. I’m celebrating all weekend ,there’s still hope for this country ,it’s not all doom and gloom as the dems portray it. WE didn’t open borders,WE didn’t defund the police,WE didn’t hand pick judges and DAs to go soft on crime.Because of dems selfishness on abortion the left is going even more insane .First ,cry like a baby then turn violent because you won’t get prosecuted ,this is the leftist mantra. Try living in a third world country as I have,you may then understand what America is all about…. HAPPY 4TH TO MY FELLOW PATRIOTS..

    • It’s going to come down to a civil war. And I wouldn’t put my money on the left winning it. Mark my works. Time to organize the militias and communicate with other militias. Time for the minute men to stand your ground. Give back as good as left.

  10. Thank God and our founding fathers wrote the constitution! If not you all would be in prison by now!! The first amendment is what is keeping all you morons from losing all your freedom!!
    Oh and by the way, every country in this world has the 4th of July! Here in the United States it’s called Independence Day!!

    • You should read the Wall at West Point for Cadets Oath & Officers Oath. General Milley should be in serious violation. Something is not right & it is this administration. All the way around they are running American into the dirt. God Bless America & Old Glory.

  11. Funny they fuss about women’s rights where was there outrage when men took over woman’s sports and a man voted for woman of the year!!

  12. These idiots are free to leave America anytime they want. I would suggest Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, all well known for their wonderful liberty loving governments. Females in Muslim society’s enjoy so many privilege too…so get your passports and just leave if you don’t like America, you brainwashed fanatics….

  13. Disgusting DEVILS and each of you pathetic libTARD DEMONcrates need to get the f**k out of OUR country. We don’t need or want you racist, anti life anti American, filled with hate, immoral po💩. I have never in my lifetime witnessed such moral bankrupt minion trolls. Threatening to burn the country down, really? This kind of behavior and thought process is exactly what this corrupt administration wants and you fools are proving them right. Have the “little people” do your dirty work. IGNORANT FOOLS. GOD BLESS AMERICA, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!

  14. America’s birthday!! I bet they all celebrate their birthday. I’m canceling this total nonsense from these leftist weirdos. Celebrate America…thank you I will!

  15. They usurped the government, shot and arrested protestors, impeached the president again without cause, kept their political prisoners in solitary confinement for forever on the basis of minor charges, conducted unending political show trials, and ran our country’s culture, institutions, reputation, and economy into the ground, and yet they’re still not satisfied. These are the domestic enemies of our Constitution many of us swore an oath to oppose.

  16. All of you ignorant leftists should leave this great country now!!! Get out and leave because your stupidity is abounding and none if you are needed or wanted. This is the day WE THE PEOPLE celebrate America and to all of us who love this country GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!

  17. The communist trash are all ready burning our country to the ground. They love projecting too …….Lying subhuman scum

  18. What a bunch of communists. Please, do us all a favor and leave the country. Try China. You’ll love the censorship and lockdowns. Maybe then you’ll appreciate your freedoms and this country you bunch of nazi’s.

  19. If the liberal far leftists hate our country so much, they should just pack up and leave the country for places like China, Russia, Iran or North Korea because we really don’t want people here that hate us. Just my opinion.

  20. Being pro-life is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. You don’t need to be religious to know taking the life of another person is wrong. Murder is a capital crime in this country. There is no “right” to kill except in self defense.

  21. The Liberal World Order peeps that want to trash the U.S.A. on Independence Day, should be put on a barge & sent out to Deep Sea. Blood was shed for your freedom. If you can’t appreciate being free, perhaps living in South Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Mexico, Russia & China will give you what you are looking for. People are flocking here by the droves. We are Proud to Be American where we are free! Many people uphold the constitution. We stand for Life & Liberty. People keep saying they are disgusted & leaving but they never do. Cowards! Go. We do not need traitors here! As for abortion, why create a baby & then kill it; sickening! Your Mommy chose to give you Liberal World Order people life & this is how you repay her? Shame on you. Somebody lost a life, a limb & a loved one for you so go away quickly if you can’t be law abiding, good citizens. People who are not proud to be America should find foreign soil that works for them & go quickly. Make room for the influx. When you find life isn’t greener on another side, don’t come back. You will not be welcomed! Proud to be an American!!!!!!!!

  22. This dirt bag is NOT an American!
    Post your address Alisha so an actual American can stop by to END you and your ilk. (Your citizenship is being revoked) Get the fuck out while you still can.

    Alisha Grauso
    Jul 2, 2022
    Any other fellow Americans not really in the mood to celebrate Independence Day this year? I sure don’t feel like rah-rahing for this country right now.

  23. Get e f**k out you worthless bunch of damn excuses for human beings. Either leave or just start the damn war we all know needs to happen here.

  24. our family’s fought for our freedom and died for it look how many in vietnam. If they hate it so much leave .this will not be a communist country.

  25. All these lefties call us fascist. Yet they are the ones burning down our cities, causing crime to increase, and cancel us if we don’t go along with them. That is the definition of fascism. If I can’t have a different opinion than them, then I need to lose my job. These are sick people, and we need to STOP them.

  26. HAPPY 4Th of July you idiots on twitter. Your statements show how uneducated you really are. Move nobody’s stopping you. Maybe you should read the constitution and see what it says & the things dims have & continue to do that’s against it GOD BLESS THE USA, PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE CONSERVATIVES , MAGA FOR LOVING YOUR COUNTRY. I will celebrate extra long this year. Trump 2024 & if he doesn’t run DeSantis 2024. Happy 4th trolls

  27. All you leftist who are Complaining that they don’t like America are free to leave, no one’s making you stay. America would be better without you here so goodbye. Don’t let the border wall door hit you in the behind on the way out. Oh and one of the most important things is Donald Trump for president again in 2024!!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏👍❤️

  28. Happy 4th to all here and to those Democrats that hate us well I dont care what ever happens to you or your families.

    It great to be in the free State of Florida . All the boats on the water with the American flags and even some Trump flags waving .

    Too bad those Blue states are all Doom and Gloom .

    Happy 4th Every one . Be safe out there watching the fireworks.

  29. (all of you) that don’t like my country and it’s customs and ways can GET THE FUCK OUT !!
    take your happy asses to the middle east or communist China and see WTF you get ! and what you can do there ? You try and burn anything and you’ll see the wrath of the Conservative American US ! You’re a bunch of whining liberal assholes that just need to get out of the US and it’s freedoms ! GET OUT !! You ungrateful Fucks !




  31. We, women NEVER asked these individuals to SPEAK FOR ALL OF US!! HUNDREDS of BOTH MEN AND WOMEN celebrating our Independent Day!! Noone MISSED THEM!! What a WONDERFUL DAY , so many AMERICANS LOVING THEIR COUNTRY!! SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!


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