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A teenage attempted carjacker was shot and critically injured in Philadelphia after he allegedly tried to steal the vehicle of a legally armed driver, according to a local affiliate report.

Thursday marked the third time since the start of 2022 that an alleged carjacker was wounded by a legal gun owner, FOX 29 reported. According to local media, two attempted carjackers approached the 60-year-old driver around 8 p.m. local time on Cherokee Street in Mount Airy.

The article goes on to state the following:

The man had been in the process of exiting his car when the young suspects pointed a firearm at his head and ordered him to hand over the car keys, the report states. But instead, the driver also brandished a gun and the groups exchanged fire.

After a shootout, during which one of the suspects was wounded, the suspects fled.  Police found them three blocks away, where one of the suspects, a 16-year-old boy, was inside a stolen Jeep with a bleeding leg wound.

Police confirmed that the 60-year-old victim who defended his car was a legal gun owner, and was not wounded.

Another brazen carjacking occurred in downtown Manhattan on Thursday, in broad daylight:

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  1. Good for the old man! These idiots need to know that they’re gonna face a gun themselves! That’s how you combat crime!!!

  2. Well, with the “poor criminals” ideology embraced by the “woke” prosecutors and DAs, I think the thugs believe they’re being encouraged to commit crimes.

    Blame this on the jerk soros and all of his ilk / cronies for the “DAs” and police-defunders.


  3. Now how long did these thugs think it would be before a victim tried to defend themselves. People can only take so much.

  4. Shot to kill, if you injure them they will only come back and sue you. The way the woke DAs and prosecutors are they will win.

  5. Wanted More like It’s ok Why are they not robbing the elites. They are the ones making it possible for them to do their crimes And they have more valuables than the rest of us working people Now stupid is as stupid does. That’s a joke I am glad the man is ok.
    But he forgot to kiss their black buttes and say thank you before he shot.
    That’s what they want white people to do. And be happy you were robbed by a black or an illegal
    It’s like Wal Mart And the rest of the stores They let them steal. But a white person gets arrested. Now who has a privilege Thus Raising the prices for all of us Including blacks

  6. My daughter (a Chicagoan) asked my son (who lives in Nashville) if they have the rise in car jackings like they do by her. He said, “No, because we have so many people who conceal carry”. There’s the answer. They also prosecute their criminals.


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