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An LGBTQ online newspaper is facing backlash on social media over a report published on Sen. Ted Cruz’s teenage daughter.

Social media users piled on criticism after LGBTQ Nation reported Monday on the sexuality of Cruz’s daughter, which she revealed on TikTok. Roughly 21 hours after sharing the story on Twitter, the tweet had garnered thousands of quote tweets and comments, some of which were full of profane condemnation.

The article goes on to state the following:

Cruz’s daughter began using her TikTok account to answer questions users might have about being the child of a U.S. senator. As of Dec. 30, her account was made private, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Social media users have reacted in outrage over the report.

Conservative commentator Meghan McCain tweeted, “Ted Cruz’s daughter is 13 years old. This is exploitation of a minor and disgusting ethical malpractice on the part of the media. Stop this. Leave her alone.”

“Did a child predator write this? She’s 13,” tweeted conservative radio host Dana Loesch.

“Imagine being so cringe-pathetic at life that you react with glee over (and write an entire story about) what a 13 year-old says on TikTok,” Loesch added.

“Also — if you have kids, WTH are they doing on social media at all? Parenting pro tip: you can easily set which apps your kids can access on their phones and monitor their online behavior.”

Twitter users continued to slam LGBTQ Nation. Below is just a sampling:

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      • Helen Ostler
        This is for people who want to spy on fellow Americans
        I hope you choke on this ad
        Anyone who does that will be found out and It’s not going to be easy to hide your stinking face. Once you are made known . Shame is a mild word for you People like you who sit behind computers destroying what others that have rights as well to free speech

  1. TED!!! You’ve failed your daughter as a parent! Not just any parent, but a parent who is in the public’s eye!
    If you can’t control what your child is up to, then how can you be trusted to sway public opinion about political matters!
    Get your ass off TV, for a hot minute, and turn her social media off and find out what’s going on with her! Where the hell is your wife?

  2. Ted, like any other parent is dealing with a child who gets constantly feed this type if bullshit constantly. If the child is bisexual it is a personal decision and something that should be discussed with her parents. I don’t think Ted will shun her as most parents they love their children no matter what.

  3. This is what happens because we all accepted this filth without a fight Our children are blasted with this in every thing around them. They can’t even get a good education because of this
    God said we were not to abide with this He didn’t say you could not love them.
    We all are to blame for this For Allowing it to takeover. Just like the 69 million unborn American babies who never got to breath Because we didn’t fight that either We are a nation under the worse sin Sodom And these are our last days Because Of this stuff When we have those in places of authority over us that child traffick children to sodomize and rape And we had A man for the first time in our history as the so called First Lady in our White House And we had a president that raped anything that got close to him And This Ahab Along with his wife Jezebel had over 150 visits to Epstein’s island where they raped and sodomized children.And murdered those 162 people And now the Judge in the Maxwell case sealed up those names so people would not know who they were that did those vile things
    Oh yeah America is going down Gods judgement is coming
    By the way Ted is not the only one to blame You would do well to find out who his wife is connected too

  4. This is wrong in Gods eyes and mine . Social media is the ruination of our youth. A lot of them say outlandish things for shock value and to get attention.


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