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Actress Bette Midler called for women to refuse to have sex to protest Texas’s recently enacted abortion law and suggested that Congress should guarantee abortion rights for women.

Texas’s abortion law went into effect Wednesday. The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deny an emergency request to block the law.

The article goes on to state the following:

The measure effectively bans almost all abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually at six weeks of pregnancy. The legislation also allows private citizens to sue people who aid or perform abortions in violation of the law.

“I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress,” Midler tweeted in response to the law.

Social media users reacted, including Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of the late singing legend Frank Sinatra. She indicated that her father would approve of the suggestion, as he’d once said something similar.

”My dad actually suggested that decades ago,” Sinatra tweeted.

Most of the Twitter responses have been supportive of Midler’s suggestion in some form, but one detractor suggested that Midler’s advice could lead to a pro-life win down the road.

“Bette suggesting that pro-abortionists self-limit their propagation is an excellent approach to ultimately overturning Roe v Wade,” Thomas tweeted.

Another user weighed in, suggesting abstinence is the key.

”No. Just don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby. Why is it so hard to comprehend a world where sex isn’t the ultimate goal?the user wrote.

“The issue should be more focused on the number of babies being aborted. This is not an issue that should just continue as numbers ride. Sex Ed needs to be taught at home and in schools. The goal is to reverse the numbers. Or else we’ve seen many consequences,“ wrote another.

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  1. Easy for her to say ! No one touch her old ass now anyway !!!! Yeah ladies cut your man off at home like this old fossil says ,, then complain when he gets it elsewhere !!!! Great marriage advise old liberal dumb one !!!

  2. Self limiting propagation and vast array of medical prohibitants = Birth Control
    Abortion = infanticide = slaughter
    Base concept: Don’t get pregnant !

  3. All midler is doing is admitting that the women are too ill-prepared to use birth control to prevent pregnancy.

    If these women are so willing to shanghai their relationships with the men in their lives, the men should just leave the women. The women are being bullies, and that’s a bad characteristic no matter your age. Smh.

    • To bad it doesn’t work that way men have no choice but to pay for the rest of their lives whether they want a child or not … bag it boys!!!! Cuz you will pay dearly men have no freedom of choice! I am a woman and I know this.

  4. I used to like her. The last thing that was good that she did was Beaches.

    Was a crazy suggestion. I guess she didn’t like sex.. many women do..

    I agree guys are going to look for it elsewhere. GREAT ADVICE

  5. This is great advice. Look at the shitmess that could have been prevented if her parents abstained from sex.

    Perhaps she could use her mouth for something more valuable which also prevents pregnancy.

    It’s amazing how much spare time washed up actors have once their career is completely down the toilet.

  6. Too ignorant to realize that her suggestion is exactly what should happen to END abortion. If you don’t want to accept the result of intercourse then stop doing it.

  7. As long as its all the liberal progressive women, its all good. Dont want a chance of the pro creating anyways.. They can all go F themselves… Hahaha

  8. Why would you advocate killing babies instead of shamming sluts for not keeping their legs closed or using birth control?
    Abortions are used for birth control mostly!

  9. Why should a child die or taxpayer have to pay for womens negelence? There’s many means of keeping from getting pregnant if the sexually active don’t want to reproduce. I understand it takes a man to get pregnant so why are they not being held accountable? Why does the women not have to identify who the sperm Doner is to get an abortion? Free abortions is a free pass for their activity and plan parenthood selling the remains of the fetus. That’s child sacrifice on taxpayers dime.

  10. Hey, thanks, Bette. You make the case for us! Either use protection or DON’T HAVE SEX. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Celebrities really are the dumbest people….except democrat lawmakers-they are in close competition with them! And lawmakers is too kind a work for them-they are taxpayer grifters, and freedom thrives!

  11. This has been made her living off of Americans Not illegals And murder is what she is advocating Stay out of Texas We no longer want vile perverts like this in our state

  12. My ex got a historectomy after my divorce. It was sponsored by the state of Ne after being put on State Medicare. Ne didn’t want her to have anymore children cause they would have to give her more assistance. Maybe the Abortion Clinics would change their procedures to offer histor-rect-omies.

  13. Well, Well, Well, its shocking it took this long for this dumb bitch to figure out the purest form of birth control, Keep Your Friggin’ Legs Crossed!!!

  14. If you don’t want children use birth control! Or pick a more permanent solution get your tubes tied or cut! Same with men! Get the snip! Stop killing babies!
    You know who’s having babies? All the illegals & refugees coming to America!
    You know what that means? The white people will be the minority & that’s EXACTLY WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS!! Why do you think they keep pushing INTERRACIAL commercials, television programs & movies? It’s the same way with gay & transgender push! They’re doing to OUR CHILDREN in schools!!😡


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