REPORT: Liberal city removes white election director for ‘racial equity plan’

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San Francisco’s election director, who has been in the position since 2002, will have his contract terminated in a move that ‘wasn’t about performance’ but about ‘racial equity’.

John Arntz, who is white, will be fired from his position and won’t receive a renewed five-year contract, San Francisco’s Elections Commission decided in a 4 to 2 decision last week.

The decision to get rid of Arntz was driven ‘in large part by the city’s plan for racial equity’ – as the city strives towards making workplaces more diverse.

As Department Director, Arntz helped to establish the Department of Elections’ Racial Equity Action Plan, which would ultimately lead to him his job.

Cynthia Dai, a member of the commission who voted to oust Arntz, told the Washington Free Beacon: “It’s hard to achieve diversity targets if senior roles never open up. This has nothing to do with his performance.”

“Our decision wasn’t about your performance, but after twenty years we wanted to take action on the City’s racial equity plan and give people an opportunity to compete for a leadership position,” commission president Chris Jerdonek to Arntz said in an email. “We also wanted to allow enough time for a fair and equitable process and conduct as broad a search as possible.”

Some officials expressed outrage.

“I think some folks have forgotten the history of this department,” said City Attorney David Chiu. “Before Director Arntz, we had five directors in as many years, ballot boxes floating in the bay and an intense lack of confidence in city elections. Many of us are mystified.”

Supervisor Aaron Peskin added, “This is commission malfeasance. It almost becomes a justification for Mayor Breed to have letters of resignation from people who go do things that are completely insane.”

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  1. Racial Equity BS its discrimination. Today the most attacked person in the country is a White religious man over the age of 50.

  2. 🤔so he helped create the Racist policies that led to his firing? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    Love to see that lawsuit in a California court room.

  3. 😂 lol he helped to create the policy that fire him, he must of thought he would be protected, they’re eating their own. That is to good.

  4. What a freaking crock of s**t, so much for white privilege ? keep this crap up and you’re gonna see the KKK come back.
    I cannot believe the American people and Republicans in particular are standing by and listening and watching all this unfold right under their noses and not doing a damn thing. Wake up AMERICA ! we are be set up for a major takeover!! Democrat government and illegals and dumbed down ethnicities.

  5. Love it, good ol whitey. You f’n clowns pushed this bull💩 so enjoy the outcome. It’s whitey’s turn in the discrimination bucket however your deck of race cards is BLANK, ignorant dodo bird fools.


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