REPORT: Liberal City’s War On Gas Appliances Could Lead To More Blackouts

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The San Francisco Bay Area’s energy grid may not be able to handle a transition to electric appliances, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation, as the region’s regulator begins to phase out natural gas furnaces and water heaters.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board of Directors voted Wednesday to adopt rules that will slowly eliminate the sale and installation of natural gas furnaces in favor of “green” electric heaters. The regulators cited concerns that the continued use of natural gas will lead to increased levels of nitrogen oxides, acid rain, smog and an increased risk for asthma, but experts fear the electric power grid will not be able to handle the shift as more appliances are hooked up. (RELATED: ‘Climate Idealism Meets The Reality’: Green Energy Failed To Meet Power Demand When It Was Most Needed)

“During the day it’s fine, but during the cold snaps during the heat waves, we’re already hearing about shortages. You hear the governor saying please don’t plug in your electric vehicles between four and nine o’clock a couple of months ago because the grid wouldn’t be able to handle it. And that’s where we are now. So you’re already beginning to see signs of strain. And that’s only going to get worse if we continue down the same path.” Wayne Winegarden, a senior fellow and director of the Pacific Research Institute’s Center for Medical Economics and Innovation, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

There’s an extensive documented history of power outages in San Francisco, making the Bay Area notorious for power grid failings.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, through the California Independent System Operator, asked all residents in 2022 to reduce their electric vehicle intake during rush hour traffic time as temperatures reached the triple digits and the electric grid began to falter. California then immediately announced its plan to ban the sale of new gasoline cars, further adding strain to the grid.

Weingarten says:

“It’s not feasible. The numbers just don’t add up very quickly, your demand for electricity will outpace the generation capacity. And that’s assuming that we still import 30% of our electricity from other states.”

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  1. It is amazing liberals just demand stuff don’t matter if it works are not !!! Don’t have enoug to run what electric right now so use more electricity !!! Maybe the electric gods will take care of the problem stupidity abound in California !!!!

  2. Why are they so worried about people’s health and lives? They been trying to kill off the population through with COVID and vaccines? Fresh air must be for the elites when they’ve killed off the unwanted!


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